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He estado evitando escribir mi último post. De hecho, he estado evitando hacer muchas cosas antes de irme de España. Pensaba que, si no escribía, si no decía adiós, si no hacía mi equipaje, no tenía que marcharme. Sé que no puedo quedarme, pero me siento tan cómoda y contenta viviendo aquí que ése sería […]

Una nueva generación española lucha contra los prejuicios más arraigados en la sociedad.

La otra cara de España

Hay infinitas cosas de ti que me encantan, España. Tanto como quiero el café con leche y la abundancia de comidas con huevo, la diversidad geografica en el país, y la belleza extraordinaria, hay alguna cosa de la que te quiero hablar. Voy a ilustrarla con una historia. Durante esta semana, estaba caminando por el […]


Fun extracurricular activities

Earlier this week, I was working on the final paper for my internship. The last question asked if I would recommend my internship to another student, and more generally, if I would recommend that students do an internship during their semester or year in Spain. I would definitely say yes to both of those questions. […]


A Trip to Galicia

I was lucky enough to spend this past week in Galicia with my Universidad de Alcalá class: Recursos Marinos. Given that it’s basically a Marine Biology class, and there isn’t a significant body of water near Madrid, it made sense that we took a trip to an ecologically diverse marine region. Though many of my […]


No Complaints

I will admit: I forgot to write my blog this week. Maybe I was unmotivated because of the gloomy weather, or I couldn’t think of a topic, or maybe I was just busy. Somewhere between spending the long weekend in London, being in Madrid for three days, leaving for the program excursion to Extremadura, coming […]


Travel in Spain!

This weekend, I left Spain for the first time this semester to visit London. Though it sometimes feels like travelling around Spain is going to different countries, the lack of Spanish heard on the streets of London was a reminder that I was actually in a different country this time. Though I managed to visit […]


Being Vegetarian in Spain, part 2

Read Being a Vegetarian in Spain, part 1 here. When I first arrived in Spain in September, I was saddened to learn about what the average Spaniard thinks of vegetarianism. My view of Spanish food had been pretty skewed by my local tapas restaurant at home that serves killer roasted veggies, garbanzo beans, and toasted […]


Am I a Local Yet? (Part 2)

Read Am I a Local Yet? (Part 1) here. This week, as I walked in to one of my favorite cafes in Malasaña, one of the owners was leaving. “Hola guapa” she said to me as she pulled her coat on, then turned to her husband “un café con leche”, she told him. I was […]



“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” The professor is standing at the front of the classroom, with a diagram of a marine ecosystem behind him. He’s explaining how the species are stratified on the rocks based on competition. The final panel shows what happens if the starfish in the ecosystem are […]