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35 Things I’ll Miss About Madrid

35 things I’ll miss about Madrid, in no particular order: 1. Opening the shades of my room every morning to see tones of orange and pink across neighboring rooftops 2. My daily 2 pieces of toast with blackberry jam and cup of coffee 3. My host brothers playing fortnight truly todo el rato 4. Making […]


Mis clases del programa

Wonderful stuff happens within the walls of the program’s classrooms With finals season in full swing, the plague has hit me like clockwork. Lack of sleep and lots of work are always a deadly combo, but add living in a city as exciting as Madrid, and a whole new level appears. I can honestly say […]

Liza & Cristina

Mi familia anfitriona

José Luis y Liza ¡Hola! Acabo de llegar a casa después de mi viaje a Londres. ¡Lo he pasado fenomenal, pero fue muy raro hablar en ingles durante todo el finde! Siempre es un momento muy feliz cuando regreso a casa después de un viaje, porque esa noche toda mi familia anfitriona esta en casa […]


Machismo for Dummies (Myself Included)

Viñeta de Forges Thanks to how impressively woke our program is, the word “machismo” is thrown around countless times a day, whether in class, while chatting with friends, or walking down the street. I knew what it meant the first time I heard it, though my time in Spain has added an abundance of context […]


Uno de cada tres

For weeks, my host mom, Cristina, has been working tirelessly on organizing an art show. This Tuesday, all of her hard work came together beautifully in the opening of the show at the Sala de Exposiciones at the UAM. Titled Uno de cada tres, the show is a selection of paintings, photos, sculptures, and videos […]


Palacio de Hielo

As my friends begged me to come ice skating with the mentors last Friday, I made the mistake of admitting that I used to go to ice skating summer camp when I was in middle school. They erupted into a chorus of laughter, saying “Of COURSE you did.” To be fair, I did go to […]


Mi Práctica: Alianza por la Solidaridad

Before I got to Spain, I spent an excessive amount of time exploring the Tufts-Skidmore Spain website, anticipating every little detail of the program that I would soon embark on. One of the aspects that both scared and intrigued me was the possibility of doing an internship abroad. The thought of interning in another language […]


Un finde en Barcelona

¡Hola, hola! Throughout my entire childhood, I was greeted every morning by a framed photo collage outside my door of my older sister angelically smiling by a beach. For many years, I never thought much of it, until I started to question where I was in these pictures. They were taken in Barcelona, on a […]


Clases de conversación en la UAM

As an American Studies major, one of the things that excited me most about going abroad was engaging in intercultural conversations. I was curious to learn about Spanish history and culture, but also curious to hear what Spaniards thought of American history and culture. I had all kinds of questions, like what do Spanish kids […]