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My Fall Semester in Spain

Madi When my plane landed in Madrid on September 4th, I knew one other person in the program, was obsessed with speaking perfect Spanish, and wanted to travel to as many countries as possible. At the end of my time here, I can say that I made a lot of lovely friends from Tufts, Skidmore, […]


Madrid Gets Ready for the Holiday Season

As the semester is ending and finals season is (very much) upon us, I have really enjoyed seeing Madrid and my homestay get all dressed up for Christmas. Walking on the Gran Vía or through Plaza Mayor or Sol was beautiful before, but now it’s even more festive. There are also Christmas and artisanal markets […]


A beautiful weekend in Porto

This weekend I went to Porto, Portugal with a fellow Skidmore student and social media team member Emily (she makes beautiful vlogs)! We also happened to be on the same Ryan Air flight as a bunch of other Tufts-Skidmore Spain students. Porto is about an hour flight away from Madrid and I have really been […]


Spanish Spanish: A Beginner’s Guide

When I first landed at Madrid Barajas Airport, I walked to baggage claim, took out my headphones and was immediately struck by the Spanish accent. I knew before that people from Northern Spain lisp when pronouncing c’s and z’s (but not s’s!) to differentiate words like cazar from casar, but I didn’t expect the throatiness […]


Cafeterías I Have Studied in: A Review

As someone who is easily distracted, I often find it really difficult to focus on my homework at my homestay or in the program center, which can both get really loud and don’t always have dependable Wi-Fi. When I have a lot to do, I am much more productive sitting in a café. However, the […]

My Neighborhood 100 Montaditos

Tufts-Skidmore Spain: Powered by 100 Montaditos

My Neighborhood 100 Montaditos Although I’m not sure it is officially a “restaurant,” 100 Montaditos is definitely the most popular, or the most frequently visited restaurant among students. Walking through the program center or reading a group chat between students, you are likely to hear the phrase “let’s just go to cien.” In good times […]

Classroom at the Fuencarral program center

My Program Center Classes

Classroom at the Fuencarral program center 0on j  This semester, I am taking four classes—one at the Universidad Autonóma de Madrid and three at the Tufts-Skidmore Spain program center. One of my courses, Lengua española avanzada, or Advanced Spanish Language, is mandatory and I chose to take two literature courses, Literaturas transatlánticas (Translatlantic Literature) and […]


A Week Full of Lorca

Last weekend, I went with the Tufts-Skidmore Spain program to Granada, Andalucía. In addition to its beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada, winding, hilly streets lined with white buildings, and the Alhambra, Granada is known for having been the home of Federico García Lorca, arguably the most well-known Spanish author. Lorca was executed at the […]


My Class at la Universidad Autonóma de Madrid

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid In addition to the Advanced Spanish Grammar class and two literature classes I am taking at the Tufts-Skidmore Program, I am taking one course at the UAM, la Universidad Autonóma de Madrid. As a Spanish and International Affairs major, I am fascinated by Latin America, so I was excited to have […]