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I didn’t feel real when I arrived in the Lisbon airport because I hadn’t left Spain since the program began in January. The fact that the flight was only an hour (compared to a five-hour bus ride to Granada that I had taken two weeks before) also made me falsely believe that I hadn’t really […]


Let’s Do Lunch!

I’m someone who absolutely loves exploring a city through food, and from day one this semester I’ve been on the hunt for my new favorite spot. Lunch is the perfect meal to enjoy with a friend, with many friends, or on a self-date, so I’ve included here some of the best places I’ve found to […]

Parque del Retiro

Visits from My Other World

This weekend was the first time I had friends studying outside of Madrid come visit me! It was honestly crazy for me to think that I could be somebody’s tour guide, because I still feel like I just got here. However, after six weeks of exploring, it was super exciting to find that I actually […]


My internship at ABCgo

Every Monday and Tuesday mornings, before I attend any lectures or take part in any class discussions, I get to go to preschool! I’m incredibly lucky to have an internship this semester at ABCgo nurseries, which is a bilingual education program for children from 0-3 years old. As an English native speaker, my job is […]


Day trips!

Before arriving in Madrid, I knew that I definitely wanted to travel. In my mind, that meant jetting off and having crazy European adventures in places like Barcelona, Italy, Copenhagen, etc. However, after settling in for a bit, I realized that I had totally overlooked an aspect of travel that has given me some of […]