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My internship: Fulbright Commission Spain

This semester, I’ve had the pleasure of working as an intern for the Education USA branch of the Fulbright Commission Spain. The Fulbright Commission is housed within the State Department, but the actual goal of Education USA as its own entity is equipping Spanish undergraduate and graduate students who have an interest in pursuing studies […]


Finding Love in Madrid

If there is anything I learned as an avid Mary Kate and Ashley viewer, it is that your European adventure will most likely end with you speeding off into the Parisian sunset on the back of the moped of an obscure yet swarthy and handsome foreign man you’ve just met. Well Mary Kate and Ashley […]

Retiro @Mariam Vahradyan

(Self) dating in Madrid

If there is something I’ve learned while being in Madrid, it’s that one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is enjoying your own company. This sounds sort of obvious-you come into the world solo and you leave the world alone, not to be morbid. You’re stuck with yourself pretty much indefinitely. But despite […]


Taking our trip together

Any movie or form of media that depicts international travel as anything remotely glamorous is the incredibly deceptive work of devil Hollywood; I want you to know that when I “eurotrip,” it is like I am a walking before-picture that is making a staycation look tempting. I wish I could say this is an entirely […]


Program Classes

Well, it’s that time of year again: like an all-encompassing seasonal pollen allergy, I’m receiving irritating daily reminders that it’s time to register for courses back at Tufts. What is Tufts? I am pretty firmly rooted in the “never-going-back-ever” camp but Susan, our program director, only laughed at me when I asked if I could […]


Ohana means family… significa familia

Quizás la estrella brillante de mi vida aquí como una aprendiz de madrileña es vivir con mi familia anfitriona. Más que tener unas corrientes enormes de información experta de la ciudad y personas forzadas a comer y hablar conmigo día a día, para mí, ha transformado la experiencia de vivir fuera de tu propio país […]


¡Poco a poco!

When people reach a certain point in life, it becomes more couth, or at least socially acceptable, to fudge the numbers a bit when it comes to your age. My mom’s had more than a few 45th birthdays for her part, and much to her chagrin I am now writing about it in an online […]


Sophie’s FAQs

Hello cyber-world! My name is Sophie, and I am so pleased to have the chance to share a bit of my time abroad with you! Before you commit to reading this, I feel like it’s only fair to set a few ground rules and address areas of potential uncertainty: FAQs: Who is this girl? Good […]