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Ferreiro, Sara

Queer Culture in Spain

Sara Ferreiro Lago, PhD. Course frames queer culture and theory in Spain through an interdisciplinary approach (historical, sociological and philosophical), highlighting how they differ from LGTBIQA+ activism and LGTBIQA+ cultural manifestations and intellectual discourse in the United States. Course studies these parallels and differences by examining queer activism, representation and thought in three major areas: […]

Pérez, Oscar

The Imagined Voice: Creative Writing in Spanish

Oscar Pérez-Reyes, ABD. Course designed for students at any level of Spanish who would like capitalize on their time in Madrid and advance their competencies in Spanish by exploring their identities through creative expression in Spain. Course directed toward students who are already creative writers, and for those for those who have little or no experience […]

Alicia Torija López, PhD

Alicia Torija López, PhD., nacida en Madrid, es doctora por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid habiendo realizado sus estudios de licenciatura y doctorado en las especialidades de Historia Antigua y de Prehistoria. Ha sido becaria del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, de la Universidad de Cambridge y de la Newberry Library de Chicago. En los […]