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An artist’s depiction of my heart today. I hate goodbyes, I hate them so. Even with acquaintances I get sentimental. It’s mind boggling to me that in less than 3 weeks I’ll be home. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?! I feel like I blinked and now my semester in Spain is over. Of course looking back, […]

The Sahara ft. my adorable camel

¡Semana Santa!

Spring break here is a little later than the usual U.S. spring break, ours starts the second week of April. For Semana Santa you pretty much have to travel, for one because that’s a whole week to explore a new place! And secondly, the program doesn’t pay for anything that week sooo… You’re pretty much […]



AHHHH spring break is just around the corner, I’m so thrilled! This week has been insanely hectic, and the class work has also been intense. After having been in Galicia for a week, the amount to make up in addition to this week’s work – while still probably less than what I would’ve been faced […]



So last week I was in Galicia. It was such an amazing trip! I’d never seen such beautiful beaches and cool sea critters. It was a very hands-on experience, where the professor actively encouraged and expected us to put our hands under rocks, dig around on the beach for species and explore. I loved it! […]



While you’re in Spain you’ll have a plethora of opportunities to go all over Europe as well as exploring different wonderful cities and regions all across this country. So far my favorite places in Spain have been Barcelona and Seville. This weekend we had a four-day weekend and I was fortunate enough to be able […]


Classes in Alcalá

Having the option to take a university class here is one of the things I looked forward to the most. It gives you the fantastic opportunity to integrate yourself further into Spanish culture and meet local Spaniards that are students your age. I knew I wanted to take a class here but was not sure […]



Being in Spain is wonderful and a lot of fun. There’s exciting and new things to do, and places to visit, and of course there’s homework and socializing, making time for friends and family back home, dealing with bureaucratic things sometimes, and the patriarchy and racism and all the other isms, and eating, showering, trying […]


My Internship at an NGO

One of the things the program will encourage you to do when arriving here aside from extracurriculars (I joined a gym), taking a class at the university (I am taking a class at Alcalá), and joining fun activities to get you to integrate more to Spanish culture (City Life Madrid trips and other reimbursable activities), […]


My Wonderful Host Family

So I figured you’re probably wondering what host family situations are like: “Will they give me a curfew?”, “Will I have time for myself?”, “What if I don’t like the food they cook?”, “What if we don’t get along?” All these questions and more will be answered! So when you first get here you’ll be […]

Máscara en el Museo de América de Madrid

Museo de América

Hello world! This is my first blog post, and I’m super excited. Almost as exciting as being halfway around the world from everything I’ve known my whole life for 5 months… (eek) but one thing at a time. So last week I went to El Museo de América, you may be wondering “Yesenia, what’s that, […]