The Red Paper Clip, España Style

In 2006, Canadian blogger Kyle McDonald got the genius idea of exchanging a red paper clip for various objects until he got a two-story house. Inspired by the story, our integración buddy Paula came up with a challenge to push us out of our confort zone and get us talking to Spanish strangers during our […]

Valencia, I’m in Love

Two weekends ago, we went on our third group trip, this time to the city of Valencia. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty amazing! We arrived in Valencia just in time for comida, which was at an incredible restaurant on the beach that specialized in paella. YUM. After comida, we headed to the […]

¿Quién es quién?

Hoy queremos proponeros un juego… Aquí tenéis una selección de fotos de niños y niñas. ¿Sabéis quiénes son? Una pista: son parte del staff y del profesorado de Tufts&Skidmore in Spain. Os ofrecemos la sección de comentarios de este post para que intentéis adivinar quién es quién. Poned el número y el nombre de la […]

Fotos de la Primera Marcha Zombie de Alcalá de Henares

En la noche de Halloween de 2011 tuvo lugar en Alcalá de Henares la Primera Marcha Zombie que convocó el Taller de Práctica Teatral de Tufts & Skidmore in Spain. Aquí tenéis fotografías del evento: 1ª MARCHA ZOMBIE DE ALCALÁ DE HENARES BACKSTAGE 1ª MARCHA ZOMBIE DE ALCALÁ DE HENARES ¿No desearíais haber estado ahí? […]

Help! I need somebody… not just anybody!

When we first arrived in Spain and started getting barraged with academic-related information, Susan and Mayte stressed that we should get a tutor. And then they did it again before classes started. And keep doing it now as classes progress. “It’s never too late to get a tutor! We pay for it! And the tutors […]