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Advanced Spanish Language Studies

Enrique Santamaría Busto, PhD. Course offers an advanced cognitive analysis and practice of Spanish, with special attention to linguistic difficulties faced by American students. Course focuses on helping student to develop and improve communicative and intercultural competencies, taking advantage of linguistic immersion while abroad. Course privileges student experience and integration in Spanish through projects, activities, […]

Advanced Spanish Language Studies for Heritage Speakers

Miguel Ángel Lera Rodríguez-Morón, PhD. Español para hablantes de herencia es un curso diseñado para hablantes que utilizan o han utilizado como lengua principal en su casa el español, pero cuya lengua dominante en las relaciones extra familiares y el ámbito académico es el inglés. El curso está dirigido por tanto a aquellos estudiantes que […]

Ortega, Esther

Identity and Intersectionality in Spain: Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race / Ethnicity and Migration

Esther Mayoko Ortega Arjonilla, PhD. El curso propuesto explorará las diferentes identidades minorizadas (por razón de género, raza, orientación sexual, identidad de género, estatus migratorio, clase social u otras…) en el estado español. Desde la perspectiva de los estudios culturales veremos cómo se han producido estas diferentes identidades y qué imágenes de las mismas se […]

Guerra, Bethania rojo

In Women’s Words: Feminist Literary Discourse in Spain and the Americas

Bethania Guerra de Lemos, PhD. Course focuses on 20th century transatlantic texts authored by women. Course scrutinizes the notion of women’s script, and studies representative “feminine” texts alongside diverse non-canonical feminist literary production. In order to discern the epistemic relevance of “feminist literature” (as opposed to “feminine”) course relies on framework of feminist political texts, both […]


Sketchbook: Walking in the City

Pepa Santamaría, MFA. On-site studio art course, based on drawing, designed for both art majors and non-art majors. Course positions students as informed “travelers” in Madrid, simultaneously exploring the city while offering personalized instruction in drawing and contact with the visual arts. Students explore and sketch diverse sites — monuments, museums, neighborhoods, and gardens — […]

Ortega, Esther

Black Lives Matter in Spain

Esther Mayoko Ortega Arjonilla, PhD. Course analyzes the flourishing of studies on negritude in Spain, with special focus on first person testimonies, and new contestational narratives emerging in recent years. Course explores the different traditions that have crystallized in the resurgence of black activism as well as the multiple and diverse—sometimes dissonant–voices that articulate these […]

Guerra, Bethania rojo

Reading at the Crossroads: Race, Gender, Class & Otherness in Hispanic Literatures

Bethania Guerra de Lemos, PhD. Course focuses on key and 20th and 21st century Spanish, Latin American transatlantic texts. The term transatlantic is a dialectical interpretation in which these literatures exist in a process of constant cultural reference and exchange. Course focuses on Latin American response to othering and otherness in a polyphony of literary […]