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Le Modele Noir

During the puente, I visited family in Paris and maximized my time in order to stay there for a week. It is needless to say that Paris is stunning and there are so many wonderful sights and fun experiences to be had, especially when you have a full week to enjoy them. One of the […]

Netflix in Spain

One of the things I first noticed when I arrived in Spain eight months ago was that my Netflix selection grew bigger. I was excited to explore some Spanish shows and movies, especially because one of my goals was to immerse myself in the culture and try to understand its idioms, inside jokes, stereotypes, etc. […]


A semester at the UAM

Something I did not get to do last semester that I really wanted to experience this semester was to take a class at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM). Last semester, I spent some time on the campus because I was leading and English conversation group but this semester, I spent most of my time […]


Entrevista a un maratonista

Entrevistamos a nuestro estudiante de Tufts, Dean Ericksen, que corrió la pasada maratón de Madrid. Your first marathon? Yes, this was my first marathon. What did running the Madrid marathon mean to you?  It meant a lot to me to run my first marathon here in Madrid. It was great to be able to run […]

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Fiesta de la primavera en la UAM

¡Qué divertido fue la tarde que pasamos el pasado jueves en la fiesta de la Primavera de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid!Parecía que el tiempo no nos iba acompañar, pero al final el sol decidido salir, la tarde pese a ser un poco fría nos pusimos a bailar un poco y a escuchar la música […]


Entrevistamos a Izaak Cohen

Ganador del premio de la Freirich Competition 2019 What is your Freirich Competition award-winning project?  My project is Z’s, a refined smoking accessories brand geared towards the cannabis industry.  My goal is to change the perception of cannabis through the way it is consumed.   What does receiving this prize mean to you? It means that hard […]


Mercado de motores_mayo19

El sábado 11 de mayo tenemos una cita en el Mercado de Motores, un gran conjunto de puestos de artesanos reunidos en la emblemática estación de Delicias, junto a los trenes históricos. Tras visitar el Mercado, os proponemos comer en los numerosos food trucks del exterior de la estación, que ofertan comida moderna y alternativa. […]



At the beginning of April, some friends and I from the Tufts-Skidmore program used our travel stipend within Spain to go to Mallorca.  We had a large group, so we ultimately were unable to stay in Palma.  This actually wound up being a wonderful thing because we found the precious town called Port D’Andratx, which […]