FAQs: Current Students

We have designed this page to provide answers to FAQs that arise during the 2018-19 academic year in MADRID! This section provides quick answers for questions on program resources, academics, logistics, safety and much more.

If you don’t see your question answered in the FAQs section below, feel free to ask using the “Ask a Question” link below or email us at info@tufts-skidmore.es.

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Current Students FAQs

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My Spanish "intercambios" are not really working out for me. Can I get new ones?

Yes, you can! Please talk to Sergio Barreiro to receive a new list of names of interested Spanish university students. Remember that getting acquainted with your  intercambios is one of the best ways to start making friends, so keep up your efforts!

Are the biweekly meetings and dinner with my Spanish mentor obligatory?

While they are not mandatory, the biweekly dinners are great occasions for you to ask your mentor questions about the university, host family, where to go, etc. Mentor meetings are a great place to meet new people as well, as many mentors bring friends or intercambios to these meetings. These small group meetings are a great way to get to know the other students in your group and to share your experiences and perspectives. And to eat good food!

How can I prepare myself for an emergency situation?

Upon arriving you should enter the program EMERGENCY CELL PHONE number (684 03 20 60) and all program staff cell phone numbers as well as the national emergency number, 112, into your cell phone contacts. You should save your host family's phone numbers as well as all of your program peers' phone numbers. You should also carry the emergency information card that we provide to you during orientation, in case your cell phone is lost or stolen.

If any emergency situation occurs, do not hesitate to call the EMERGENCY CELL PHONE, day or night. If there is no response, call the Director's cell phone, then the Asst. Director's. If no response, keep going to the next number on the list until you connect with one of the program staff.

Carry only essentials with you while in Madrid: copy of your passport, some money, cell phone and a credit card. Do not carry your US Driver's License, your favorite photo of a loved family member, or other items that would be best left at home. That way, if you do get pickpocketed, it will be easy to replace what has been stolen.

What procedures do I need to follow when I travel?

Prior to travel outside of Madrid, students are required to fill out a travel disclosure form that lists logistical information, day of departure, day of return, all places to be visited and names of people you will travel with. For trips longer than 3 days, or that require that you miss a class, you must get the director's approval. Students are also required to register with Smart Traveler before traveling outside of Spain.

Displaying 21 - 24 of 2412