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A semester or a year abroad can and should be a powerful event in your child’s life, one that will keep unfolding over a lifetime. We at Tufts-Skidmore Spain are dedicated first and foremost to helping your son or daughter keep themselves safe and sane during their time abroad, to overseeing a top-notch academic experience at the Spanish university and at our program center, and to seeing that when they return home, they will be a little older and a lot wiser–not only about Spanish and international cultures, but about their own. We are here to help your student every step of the way, offering customized academic and extracurricular resources that far surpass our peer programs in Spain. You can rest assured that the Tufts-Skidmore Spain staff will help her/him build the richest and most robust experience possible. You can help us by instilling in your son or daughter a sense of confidence and excitement about the possibility of a semester or year abroad.

Below are some of the common questions and concerns that parents whose children are thinking about an international exchange program have for us. If you don’t see your question below feel free to ask using the “Ask a Question” link below or email us at info@tufts-skidmore.es. We would love to hear from you!

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Parents & Family FAQs

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Where can I send letters or packages to my son or daughter?

You can use the Program address to send letters or packages at the beginning of the semester (until you receive the host family’s address).

c/ Fuencarral nº 123,  3º
28010 Madrid

We'd like to send our child a gift. Is there any problem with getting it through customs?

You can use the Program address to send letters or packages at the beginning of the semester (until you receive the host family’s address). It is advisable to describe the contents of the package as "used personal items" and to list a value under 20€, so that your package will not be stopped by customs. Also, please don’t send your child direct-from-the-manufacturer items unless they are ordered from within the EU, or from a store that has an EU distributor.

Your Child's Name
℅ Tufts-Skidmore in Spain

c/ Fuencarral nº 123,  3º
28010, Madrid

My child does not have a laptop computer. Will he or she have internet access at the program center?

Yes! Our program center has internet and wifi and is equipped with iMacs, printers and scanners for student use. Host families also have wifi.

What economic resources does the Program provide for students?

  • MONTHLY TRANSPORTATION PASS (City trains, buses, subway)
  • MEAL STIPEND (11€ a day for the one meal a day not taken in the homestay)
  • EXTRACURRICULAR REIMBURSEMENT (300€ per semester to cover gym fees, or classes or other activities offered at private studios or businesses (dance, music, ceramics, yoga, cooking)
  • TRAVEL MONEY (170€ per semester to help with independent student travel in Spain)
  • CULTURAL ACTIVITIES REIMBURSEMENT (Unlimited reimbursement for museums, Spanish language movies (including dubbed movies), plays, dance performances, art exhibits, and other cultural activities)

Does the program sponsor cultural excursions?

Yes, the program sponsors 3 cultural excursions each semester. These optional excursions are fully paid for by the program. Past excursions have included El Escorial, Segovia, Andalucía, Toledo, Bilbao-Logroño, Valencia, Extremadura.

What’s the easiest way for me to stay in contact with my child?

It will be easy for you to stay in contact with your child while s/he is in Spain by Skype or by calling his or her cell phone (students either bring their unlocked cell phone from the States or buy a cell phone once they’re here). In Spain cell phone customers are not charged for incoming calls, so it’s much cheaper for you to call your son/daughter than for him/her to call you. If you and your child have smart phones, you can chat and phone for free via “whatsapp.” You may also call your child on the host family’s landline. Remember that there is a six-hour time difference between Spain and Eastern Standard Time (7, 8 and 9 hours respectively in the other U.S. time zones). Please do not call the host family after 10pm or before 9am local time.

We are concerned about the home stay. Are students generally happy with their home stays?

Yes! In fact, our students often say that the home stay was one of the best parts of their experience. All of our host families are thoroughly vetted and most have been with the program for years. They are experienced in hosting our diverse student body, which includes Students of Color, LGTBQ+ and students with disabilities. We also have host families who can accommodate students with severe allergies and gluten intolerance and/or celiac disease. Hosts are 100% dedicated to the health and wellbeing of your child. We will send detailed information about the host family selected for your child at least one month prior to his/her arrival (over email), including the family’s address, email and contact phone numbers.

What are the program office hours and the contact numbers?

Program Center

M-Th    9:00-19:00
F            9:00-17:00

Program Center Telephone: +34 91 702 4513 (office)

Director, Susan Sánchez Casal's email: susan.sanchez@tufts-skidmore.es

Displaying 21 - 28 of 2812