FAQs: Prospective Students

Studying abroad is an exciting, often life-changing experience filled with discovery, adventure and personal growth. At Tufts-Skidmore Spain we give you all the tools and resources you need to navigate this intercultural experience in a transformative and wholesome way. We offer individualized academic and cultural programming that caters to students from all majors and abundant resources that help to level the financial ground for all of our students:  a weekly meal stipend, travel funds, activity funds, Spanish medical insurance and unlimited reimbursement for attendance at cultural events such as plays, concerts, movies, art exhibits and more. Our hands-on staff is ready to assist you to build exactly the kind of experience you’re ready for, and we’re here to offer support and guidance along the way. Below are some of the common questions that students who are thinking about an international exchange program have for us. If you don’t see your question below feel free to ask using the “Ask a Question” link below. We hope to hear from you!

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Prospective Students FAQs

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Will I need a passport?

You must have a passport, valid for at least six months beyond the end date of the program, before you can apply for a visa.

Will housing be arranged for me?

Yes, all students are placed with well-chosen Spanish families. Students fill-out an extensive housing questionnaire which is followed-up by an interview with the director during the semester prior to departure. The director places students based on student preferences and family-availability. If a student is not happy with his or her family placement, there is an option to change families after the first two-weeks.

Are both semester and full-year options available?

Yes, students may choose among full-year, fall or spring semester options.

If I am ordering something to be delivered in Spain should I send it to my host family's address or the program address? Thank you!

If the item is not too large, you may send it to the program center. Please remember not to send items directly from US retailers, as they will be stopped in Customs and assessed high custom taxes (there is no free-trade agreement between Spain and the US). Also, please remember that it is illegal to send medications, food stuffs, toiletries across international borders. If you plan to send your child a care package, it is advisable to mark the package as "used personal items" and list no value or a value under 20€.

What are the start and end dates for the upcoming spring semester?

For spring semester 2018 the start dates is January 19, and the end date May 19.

A few questions about the Home-Stay experience-Who are the host families? How are they screened and selected? How are they compensated? How do we show our appreciation? What might they expect/appreciate from us- the student's parents?

All of our host families and their homes are thoroughly vetted and most have been with the program for years. They are experienced in hosting our diverse student body, which includes Students of Color, LGTBQ+ and students with disabilities. We also have host families who can accommodate students with severe allergies and gluten intolerance and/or celiac disease. Hosts are 100% dedicated to the health and wellbeing of your child. We will send detailed information about the host family selected for your child at least one month prior to his/her arrival (over email), including the family’s address, email and contact phone numbers.

We recommend that students bring the host family a small token of appreciation upon arrival, maybe something that is typical of the area where you live.

Host families are compensated monthly, in order to cover the costs of electricity, food and lodging, but our families will not consider your child a "boarder" but rather a new member of the family. Spanish homes are very private, so in welcoming your child into their home the host family is also welcoming your child into their family. If you come to visit your child, the host family will most likely invite you to dinner or meet you somewhere in the city in order to get to know you. It is becoming increasingly common for host families to speak to you over Skype while your child is here.

If you have other specific questions, you may contact the program director: susan.sanchez@tufts-skidmore.es

What are the start/end dates for a normal spring semester? Does that include orientation?

Spring semester normally starts mid January and ends mid May, and these dates includes orientation.

Are their internship opportunities for credit?

Yes, both Skidmore and Tufts offer credit for internships. If you come from another institution, please check with the registrar or your advisor.

Displaying 21 - 28 of 2812