Intercultural Focus Groups (IFG)

                                   IFG Orientation Workshops

As fulfilling and transformative as studying abroad may be, it certainly doesn’t come without its challenges. Tufts-Skidmore’s Intercultural Focus Groups (IFG) are community-building spaces that help students during their first month of the program to develop intercultural tools, skillful attitudes and self-care practices that support your ability to engage cultural difference ethically and mindfully.

IFG is a space for all students to share the joys and challenges of studying and living abroad, and to gain deeper insight into your own heart and mind. Sessions are designed to facilitate your adaptation in your host country, and to give you the opportunity to acquire the tools necessary to be an effective and compassionate intercultural agent. IFG helps you develop transferable relational skills that you will take with you wherever you go, for the rest of your life.

Affinity Groups

Student of Color (SOC)  / Queer & Questioning (Q&Q)

Our identity-based Affinity Groups, which are student-led & meet throughout the semester, are intended to be a space of support and connection where Students of Color and Queer & Questioning students can discuss questions, concerns, and personal experiences throughout their semester in Madrid. Understanding that students of minoritized identities undoubtedly have unique experiences abroad, these sessions aim to acknowledge the specific conditions they may encounter here (both positive and restrictive), while also working towards developing wholesome habits and attitudes in response to challenges. Above all, these spaces encourage connection, compassion, joy and freedom!


“Don’t Ask Where I’m From, Ask Where I’m a Local”


“Weird, or Just Different? (The opposite may also be true)”