Internships categories

Business 21 Internships Available

Marketing, data analysis, market research, accounting and finance, are some of the activities that you can find in organizations that collaborate with Tufts and Skidmore in Spain. You can work with organizations of all kinds, from consulting, through catering businesses or new markets, to non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

Healthcare 24 Internships Available

Having an internship helping elders, children, and generally the most fragile population within our society is always rewarding. You can do an internship with organizations related to public health in a country where there is universal healthcare. We also work with institutions dealing with disadvantaged groups, refugees, prostitutes, broken families, abused women, ...

International Relations 26 Internships Available

Research institutions, organizations concerned with human rights or collaborations with institutions with abroad programs. Within these institutions you will work in different departments that focus on international organizations, administration, consulting, economic relations and international conflict resolution. All of which allow you to gain practical experience in your field of study.

Communications 29 Internships Available

Working with producers of audio or video, or in movies, digital magazines, are some of the opportunities offered by the program to enter the world of communications. An important aspect in this field is the use of social networks where you will have responsibilities. To complete these tasks, in some of the companies you can help in creating, organizing and participating in different events. Within this category you can also find organizations that specifically require students to work on translating documents.

Education 30 Internships Available

The work of teaching takes place in public and private schools, educational nurseries, after school programs, and even educational Human Rights organizations. You also have the opportunity to gain experience teaching a language, both being English teacher for college students, and groups with special needs. In this section we include an internship teaching English at the UAM or UAH, which can greatly compliment to your experience.

All Internships 50 Internships Available

The main objective of Tufts-Skidmore Spain internship program is for students to have a global experience in many different areas, personally as well as academically that can look great on a resume and can add a unique experience that can help guide you in your professional career post college or university. To help with this, we have a wide variety of possibilities to work with organizations in Madrid and Alcala for those who would like to participate to enhance your experience while in Spain and can also earn you credit for your respective university. Finance, International Relations, Education, Sports, Art, Public Health, Environmental Issues and Sociology are just some of the various areas in which you can find internships to complement your academics and enrich your experience, as well as demonstrating your adaptation and knowledge of other cultures.