APunto: Librería-Escuela de Cocina

COOKING SCHOOL: Chef's Assistant and Librarian at Apunto Escuela de Cocina

A Punto is a cooking school, a book store specialized in cook books and a place where people come to learn about gastronomy and wine.

Location: Madrid


  • Help with youtube channel
  • Help the chef in master classes
  • Photographer
  • Set up and clean up
  • Work in bookshop: maintain social networks, cataloguing
  • Assisting with website maintenance
  • Translate texts, recipes, programs from Spanish to English vice versa
  • Develope programs for English Speakers

Contact Details:

Calle Hortaleza, 64
28004 Madrid

  • Tel.:91 702 10 41
  • info@apuntolibreria.com
  • Metro: Chueca / Alonso Martínez

Hours per week: 5 - 12



Resume: Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A

Deadline: N/A


      Ben at Apunto 
As a helper for A Punto culinary school you will be present at 1-2 of their masterclasses a week. You will arrive early to help set up the ingredients and supplies, during the class you will help clean the workstations as well as assist the students with their tasks if necessary, and you will stay after to help clean and reset the kitchen. You will have the opportunity to try the food at the end of the class and often times bring leftovers home; as well as the opportunity to meet and talk to renowned chefs from around the world. Highly recommended for food lovers! Benjamin Markowitz, Tufts. Fall 2023
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Aviva Kardener, Tufts. Fall 2016   PRIMER DÍA EN APUNTO
My time at A Punto has been a challenge to learn a lot about the Spanish language, the local culture, and the food. I have met a lot of interesting people and eaten a lot of delicious dishes. I have learned to overcome being overwhelmed by the high demand and busy atmosphere, keep going, and ask for help. I have also been able to adapt to the Spanish values of work and school, which should not engulf the rest of my life and impede my ability to enjoy and take advantage of the world around me. Aviva Kardener, Tufts. Fall 2016
I am doing a lot of cleaning and organizing, but also learning a lot more Spanish vocabulary because I have to prepare ingredients for cooking classes. I am meeting a lot of interesting people, and I think this experience will give me a great thing to talk about in the future and have lasting impacts on my knowledge of food and Spanish in general. Emily Calobrisi, Tufts. Spring 2016
At A Punto, I was offered one of the most fun, effective and engaging ways to not only improve my Spanish but learn about Spanish culture through one of m y favorite things. Spain! Whether it was talking over a staff lunch to my bosses about their favorite Spanish ingredients, translating a classic recipe or assisting one of the chefs in a cooking class, I was never bored at A Punto and I was constantly pushed to speak and learn more and more! Justin Sullivan, Tufts. Fall 2015