Ojeda Clinic of Asthma and Allergies

The Ojeda Clinic of Asthma and Allergies is an independent group, known worldwide and dedicated to the care of people with allergies and asthma in the field of private medicine since 1967. They are especially known for: A personalized care to the patient, the resolution to complicated cases in the weekly clinical sessions and It’s commitment to clinical research in the field of Allergy, participating and promoting clinical studies for the improvement of treatments in this speciality

Protected: Fundación Alzheimer España (FAE)

The Spanish Alzheimer's Foundation (FAE) is a national and state entity with the objective of aiding, respecting, and improving the quality of life of not only people experiencing Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, but also of their caretakers and families. It is an independent NGO without any affiliation with pharmaceutical laboratories, political parties, or religious entities.

Asociación del Parkinson

Asociación Parkinson Madrid is a non-profit organization that provides services to improve the quality of life of Parkinson’s patients at all stages of the disease. These services include many types of therapy (music therapy, art therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc), social services, free lunches, activities and excursions, and a day center for patients with advanced Parkinson’s. Asociación Párkinson Madrid also conducts research on the symptoms of Parkinson’s and the effects of different types of therapy and treatment.

Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC)

AECC integrates their patients, family members, voluntary workers, and professionals to work together in order to prevent, sensitize, and accompany people, as well as finance research projects related to oncology that would permit a better diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Comisión Fulbright

Commission for Cultural, Educational and Scientific Exchange between Spain and the United States of America. The Fulbright Commission in Spain focuses specifically on running programs to both help Spanish graduate students study in the U.S. and help American graduate students settle in Spain to complete their studies.

Escuela Infantil ABCGo Nurseries Julián Camarillo

ABCGo Nurseries is a bilingual preschool for children ages 4 months- 3 years. The teachers speak 100% in English with the children for full absorption of the language. There are 4 different classrooms: “A” for children around the ages of 4 months-11 months; “B” for children around the ages of 12 months-19 months; “C” for children around the ages of 20 months- 27 months; and “Go” for children around the ages of 27 months- 36 months. Children learn colors, shapes, animals, how to eat on their own, basic discipline, appropriate social behaviors, etc.


Tufts-Skidmore Spain, in a effort to acheive excellence, is working to be a more sustainable study abroad program. With the goal of continuous improvement, Tufts-Skidmore Spain will develop a project that includes formation and awareness as well as an action plan to reach as many Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as possible.

Great Little People (Education)

Language school catered to girls and boys ages one to seven. This is a young company with a modernized education project and is very motivated to see it through. They developed a method to learn English through games, songs, and videos.


NGO English Tutoring for the Hearing Impaired T-Oigo is an organization that places interns - volunteers with deaf children in order to teach English as a second language.

HUSOS Arquitecturas

Husos is an architectural office that operates in the fields of architecture, urban planning and micro-landscaping, which are understood as practices of social transformation. Their work examines how these areas of action mediate the relationships that constitute everyday life: relationships to non-human nature, particularly between species, as well as those involving issues of gender and colonial dynamics, among others. These are unpacked through a continuous dialogue between research and design, theory and practice. Husos was founded by Diego Barajas (Bogotá) and Camilo García (Cali) in Madrid in 2003. Based in this city, it operates regularly between Spain and Colombia.It is currently formed by Almudena Tenorio, Camilo García, Diego Barajas and Sem Fernández. ____________________________________ The work of Husos is part of the permanent collections at the FRAC Centre in Orleans, France and the History Museum of Rotterdam, and it has received the Zumtobel Award for Sustainability and Humanity. Furthermore, it has been presented at the Venice Biennale, the Rotterdam Biennale, the Oslo Architecture Triennale, Matadero Madrid, the Tápies Foundation, Witte de With Museum in Holland, Ecovisionarios, and PhotoEspaña, among others. They are the authors of the book Urbanisms of remittances, (Re)productive houses in dispersion (Caniche Publishers, Madrid, 2017), which was awarded the Fundació Sabadell 2019 prize and is currently part of the permanent Art Collection of the Fundació Banc Sabadell in Barcelona.


Madrideasy is a housing company that has dedicated more than 20 years to providing housing for students and young professionals from all over the world. They have been accommodating students from various prestigious programs, universities, companies, and both national and international institutions making Madrideasy the top housing company in Madrid.


Project CONCERN: Trust, scientific systems, and denialism. Social factors of vaccination in epidemic contexts. The main goal of this project is to improve the understanding and predictability of the different factors that influence vaccination reticence in a pandemic context. The CONCERN project has a clear objective of transferring knowledge to help improve institutions and government vaccination strategies. The Area of Vaccination Programs of the Spanish Health Ministry participates in this project among other public institutions.

CEAR (Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado)

Since 1979, the Spanish Commission for Refugee Assistance has been working for refugees, stateless persons and migrants in vulnerable situations so that their rights are recognized and respected. Their reception centers offer accommodation, psychological and legal care to refugees and support their social and labor integration. They work on reports, campaigns and express the situation of refugees to society and institutions. They also go to court to denounce the violation of rights.

Protección Internacional: Provivienda

International protection is a non-profit organization that works to improve the realities of refuge petitioners in Madrid. For many years, their principal objective has been to welcome, guide, and aid in the arrival of seekers of asylum and refuge, while also promoting the housing rights among this collective and others at risk of social exclusion. International Protection provides legal aid, training, and protection to seekers of refuge and asylum, requiring no financial compensation from them in return.


La Parcería nace en 2010 como un colectivo de pensamiento, creación y acción, formado por personas migrantes, para la producción de proyectos culturales y artísticos que reivindican la cultura y la voz propia como agentes activos del tejido cultural de la ciudad. Tras años de acciones continuadas en torno a la calle, el barrio, el espacio público, así como en la relación con diversas instituciones públicas y privadas, La Parcería adopta la forma de un centro cultural independiente desde el cual articular su hacer y el de las comunidades que lo conforman. En su espacio se desarrolla un amplio abanico de prácticas contemporáneas artísticas y culturales, a través de proyectos que responden a las necesidades específicas del contexto social en el que se emplaza. Es un lugar que puede ser habitado a través de residencias artísticas, talleres, exposiciones, edición, lectura y presentación de libros, músicas y danza, entre otras expresiones

Conciencia Afro

Conciencia Afro was created with the idea of creating, using the logic of group thought, a space for learning, creating, debating, etc., with the ultimate goal of empowering the African and Afrodescendant community of Spain.

Alianza por la Solidaridad

NGO. Civil Society Organization A non-profit organization that organizes campaigns defending the rights of migrants, women, workers, and those affected by humanitarian crises. The organization also aims to preserve environmental sustainability by working to provide sources of water and land (sustenance) to impoverished communities. ALS seeks lasting solutions and uses this methodology to ensure the sustainability of their projects.


Paisajesensorial is an art/research study focused on the analysis of sound and social space. We work with architecture, musical composition, audiovisual art, and scientific research to study themes such as the relation between art and gender.

iFeel: Psicología Online (Business)

iFEEL is a youth startup of online psychology that connects clients with collegiate psychologists in Spain. We are based off of US models such as talkspace.com and betterhelp.com. Although we have only been operating for a few months, we have grown relatively fast and are now planning to expand. We are looking for interns (preferably with a background in psychology) who can help us in various areas

iFeel: Psicología Online (Psychology)

iFEEL is a youth startup of online psychology that connects clients with collegiate psychologists in Spain. We are based off of US models such as talkspace.com and betterhelp.com. Although we have only been operating for a few months, we have grown relatively fast and are now planning to expand. We are looking for interns (preferably with a background in psychology) who can help us in various areas

Desperate Literature

Desperate Literature is a new International bookshop in Madrid, Spain. Along with the very best collection of used English books in the city, the shop also carries a large selection of quality books in Spanish, French and a variety of other languages.

Club de Madrid

International Diplomacy Think Tank The Club de Madrid is a non-profit organization that provides counseling to current governments using the expertise of their members (all former heads of state and government) The organization focuses on three key areas: conflict resolution, democratic leadership and response to crisis and post-crisis situations.

Al Fin Jugamos Todos

Al Fin Jugamos Todos is a non-profit organization with international connections. Through its radio station and its perfect location near Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, this organization is dedicated to the dissemination of research, workshops, conferences and events that encourage continuous learning and deepens teaching methodologies, pedagogy and education.


Founded in 2019, HARBIZ is a startup in the Wellness industry, which develops a solution in the form of an app/digital platform for Wellness professionals. In this group of professionals we find personal trainers of any discipline, nutritionists, physiotherapists, fitness centers, etc. Thanks to HARBIZ, these professionals digitize and offer a quality leap in the way they work with themselves and their clients. We are a young startup, in constant growth and thanks to this you will be able to learn a lot of things from different areas, helping us to reach the next level in the fitness world.

Madrid Lacrosse “Lacrosse para todos”

Madrid Lacroose is an international lacrosseclub based in Madrid, Spain With both a men´s and women´s team. "Madrid Para Todos" is Spain first youth lacrosse development program, headquartered in Madrid but spanning thoughout the whole country.

JPG Tenis. Club de Campo Villa de Madrid

JPG SPORT is the company in charge of organizing the tennis schools at the Club de Campo Villa of Madrid. It has 17 training courts and offers classes every day of the week. In addition, JPG SPORT manages and trains the children’s and youth’s tennis and paddle tennis teams in the different categories and national competitions.


ED Moratalaz is a Spanish soccer team located in Madrid, in the neighborhood of Moratalaz. Founded in 2006, it currently plays in the Third Division RFEF, group VII, and plays its home matches at the Field of Moratalaz, with a capacity of 2500 spectators. The main objective of the Moratalaz Sports School is to train young people in sports and the formation of values such as teamwork, discipline, and personal development of the school's students. The school is one of the largest in the F.F.M., both in terms of the number of players and the number of teams. It is directed by a board of directors approved by the members, composed of parents of students, former players of the school, and supports who dedicate their time and effort selflessly for the development of the sport and training of their children.

Mezcla Perfecta

Mezcla Perfecta is a young company whose philosophy is “do it yourself”. They provide the knowledge and materials necessary to help you create from your own cosmetics and soaps to making your own resin and clay figures, and through a host of endless possibilities. They are always willing to improve and learn, so if you think we are missing a product that you need or are missing a workshop, let us know. Not only would they like to have a store, but also a space to create and share.


Colectivo CAJE is a Non-profit organization dealing with under privileged children ages 5-12. It is very similar to an after school care center.

Madrid Capitals

Founded 5 years ago, Madrid Capitals pioneered Flag Football in Spain and in a year became the champion of the Madrid Flag Football League. They have since won the championship 2 times in the past three years and in 2015, they reached the national finals and were the runner-up’s. In 2014, they created an american football team and founded a sports project with the intent of being able to compete and win the Madrid League.


EleSapiens is an ecosystem of didactic digital units made up of the natural sciences, social sciences and the environment that combines the world of entertainment with curriculum content.


NGO working with elderly and sick people in hospitals Nadie Solo is an NGO with more than 1,800 volunteers working within the Community of Madrid in support programs to help people who are in need due to solitude, disease, marginalization, disability or other causes.

Hot English Magazine

Learn Hot English has more than 12 years’ experience as both a publishing house and a language academy. We provide language classes to students from all over the world, and produce language-learning material for students and teachers of English