Club de Madrid

DIPLOMACY: Research Assistant at Club de Madrid

International Diplomacy Think Tank The Club de Madrid is a non-profit organization that provides counseling to current governments using the expertise of their members (all former heads of state and government) The organization focuses on three key areas: conflict resolution, democratic leadership and response to crisis and post-crisis situations.

Location: Madrid


  • Conduct research in one of the most influential organizations in Spain
  • Translate documents, speeches and reports
  • Office assistance
  • Preparing conferences, missions
  • Putting together briefing books, compiling press summaries, biographies
  • Basic statistical data
  • Contacting embassies to gather information
  • Writing for the Shared Societies Project blog
  • Helping with major events

Contact Details:

Palacio del Marqués de Cañete
Calle Mayor, 69, 1ª planta,
28013 Madrid

Tel.: 91 154 8230
Metro: Ópera/Sol

Hours per week: 15



Resume: English, Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: Spanish

Deadline: June or November


Casey at CdM. Fall 2022   
Club de Madrid is an international organization in that works with former Presidents and former Prime Ministers on issues related to democracy, equality, and sustainable development. I was a diplomatic research assistant in which I worked with the Programs Department to translate, proofread, and contribute to important documents such as project proposals and end of event reports. This experience was extremely beneficial for me as it was my first internship directly related to my studies and not only got my foot into the door of international affairs, but also confirmed for me that after I graduate, I want to work as a Research Assistant in a think tank focusing on international development, fragility, and migration. Finally, the internship complemented my experience here in Madrid as I was pushed out of my comfort zone to speak a new language, meet new people, and explore a new neighborhood of Madrid. Casey Cummings, Tufts. Fall 2022
     Gwen Mecsas en el CdM 
I have really enjoyed my internship and would highly recommend it. Because this is the busiest season for the Club, most of my work has been preparing my boss or co-workers for meetings, which entails researching and learning about fascinating people and initiatives. I have done a lot of work on AI, and am actually thinking of writing my senior thesis on it as a result of my time at the club. Gwendolyn Mecsas, Tufts. Fall 2019
….          .Vladimir Proaño y staff
At the WLA-CdM, I have been involved with the programs division, where I help prepare missions, briefing materials, and do research on potential projects and partnerships. The organization is extremely interesting, as they work with democracy-building efforts all around the world with interesting former presidents and prime ministers. It is a unique way to learn about international affairs, NGOs, multilateral organizations, and government relations. Vladimir Proaño, Tufts. Spring 2019
The experience helped me grow both in terms of my Spanish language skills and my interpersonal skills in a professional setting. I had the chance to do research on a number of interesting topics, work on my writing skills, and experience the inner workings of a respected organization. I know that I will take with me the professional skills that I learned as a volunteer for Club de Madrid, and I am very grateful for that. Kris Vahle, Skidmore. Spring 2017


I believe that my experience at the Club de Madrid has enriched my global perspective in three main ways. First, working in a Spanish office has made me aware of a multitude of cultural differences between the United States and Spain and gave me a totally different perspective on what a work environment could and should look like. Second, it improved my Spanish skills and made me more confident in my ability to speak in Spanish. And third, it made me more aware of global politics and enriched my perspective on the inner workings of international relations. I believe the experiences I have had at the Club de Madrid will make me a better advocate for peace and change in the world. Willy Clements, Tufts. Fall 2016
I would absolutely recommend this internship to future students, especially those who are interested in international relations, diplomacy, and/or communications. Club de Madrid interns not only improve soft skills such as communication, research, and writing, but learn technical skills as well. Moreover, they are exposed to a global community of scholars, professionals, and ambitious, likeminded individuals, providing for an unparalleled opportunity to network and create connections with professionals who have extensive experience in their field of interest. Regardless of whether I continue to work in an international setting, I know that the skills and knowledge I gained at Club de Madrid will benefit me both professionally and personally. Alexis Cantor, Skidmore. Fall 2016
I absolutely recommend this internship at Club de Madrid to students in the future. This internship encapsulates everything – international affairs, economics, journalism, communication, and much more. I think having an internship, especially one like this, abroad is a must. I was able to practice speaking Spanish in a new context, outside of school and with my host family. It is because of this internship that I know that I want to continue a career in international affairs. I felt that I never had a “boring” or “mundane” task, and I learned so much. Upon leaving my internship, the entire Club de Madrid office had a little going away party for me. It is very sad leaving this inspiring and fascinating organization, however I know that I have made connections and friendships that will last beyond my time in Madrid. Justin Corben, Tufts. Fall 2015
                      IMG_3104  Justin Corben y el rey Felipe VI

I had the chance to learn about international security and law, which is

directly related to what I am studying and what I hope to do in my
future career. My supervisors also recommended me for another internship in Boston this summer at Beyond Conflict, and I was accepted to this internship because of their recommendation. Natalie Davirro, Tufts. Spring 15
Estoy muy contento de haber hecho esta práctica, ya que ha mostrado más
posibilidades para el futuro en cuento a trabajos que tienen que ver con
relaciones internacionales en un contexto internacional además.
Entiendo ahora que me gusta este tipo de trabajo,…. Chris Amicucci, Tufts. Spring 14
                   . CLUB DE MADRID Chris amicucci.
Sara Gagnon’s blog post she wrote on her experience interning in Spain: Club de Madrid, Skidmore. Spring 2014
Esta practica fue una de las experiencias más importantes de mi estancia en España,
y ahora tengo la confianza que puedo combinar mis carreras de
relaciones internacionales y español para trabajar para una organización
como el Club de Madrid en el futuro. Allison Jeffery, Tufts. Fall 13