Club Deportivo Moscardó

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Assistant Coach at Club de Fútbol Moscardó

Club Deportivo Colonia Moscardó was founded in 1945. It is the fourth oldest soccer club in Madrid. Its stadium, Roman Valero, has a capacity for more than 7,000 attendees. The Moscardo Sports Club (Club Deportivo Moscardó) stands out as one of the most important training schools for soccer in Madrid.

Location: Madrid


  • Explaining and actively participating in drills or games to players in English and in Spanish.
  • Teaching them how to express football (soccer) critiques or other expressions in English.
  • Planning training sessions in English for very high level youth players. (Depending on the week) - Orchestrating and preparing training sessions in English.
  • Encouraging players in English and in Spanish.
  • Observing and acknowledging the cultural differences in football and understanding Spain's inherent talent.
  • Assisting the head coach (Primer Entrenador) when the sessions are in Spanish.
  • Coaching teams during “mundialitos” (tournaments every other week)

Contact Details:

Calle de Andrés Arteaga, 1
28026 Madrid

Teléfono: 91 765 25 72
Metro: Usera

Hours per week: 4 - 8



Resume: Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A

Deadline: N/A


….              …
I am an assistant coach to several youth soccer (fútbol) teams at C.D.C. Moscardó. I assist with practices while speaking to the players in English (most of the time). I am having a phenomenal time and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes soccer and working with kids.  Alex Schnur, Tufts, Fall 2019 
                 Aubrey, Tufts.Fall 2018    
I help conduct training sessions for little kids in both spanish english. I get to run my own drills and also help the trainers conduct their own. I would highly recommend this internship if you like soccer and little kids. It is super low key, and very fun! I am learning a lot of both coloquial and soccer related spanish. Aubrey Fleming, Tufts. Fall 2018
  Kanav Jhunjhunwala, Tufts. Spring 2018


    S16 ED MORATALAZ Derrick  Derrick Yam  S16 ED MORATALAZ Derrick3
Working as a coach and English director has been an incredible experience. Immediately, I understood the talent disparity between the United States and Spain. Even at U9 and U10 I saw players more technically developed and making more intuitive decisions on the pitch then many players in High School and club soccer in the US. This experience has been a highlight of my time in Madrid and I have learned prodigious amounts about the beautiful game and am excited to apply my further developed soccer knowledge when I return to the States. Derrick Yam, Skidmore. Spring 2016

..   . S16 ED MORATALAZ Derrick2     S16 ED MORATALAZ Derrick4  

El fútbol en Madrid: Raffi Chilingaryan, Tufts & Derrick Yam, Skidmore, Spring 2016: