PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Assistant Coach at ED Moratalaz

ED Moratalaz is a Spanish soccer team located in Madrid, in the neighborhood of Moratalaz. Founded in 2006, it currently plays in the Third Division RFEF, group VII, and plays its home matches at the Field of Moratalaz, with a capacity of 2500 spectators. The main objective of the Moratalaz Sports School is to train young people in sports and the formation of values such as teamwork, discipline, and personal development of the school's students. The school is one of the largest in the F.F.M., both in terms of the number of players and the number of teams. It is directed by a board of directors approved by the members, composed of parents of students, former players of the school, and supports who dedicate their time and effort selflessly for the development of the sport and training of their children.

Location: Madrid


  • Explaining and actively participating in drills or games to players in English and in Spanish.
  • Teaching them how to express football (soccer) critiques or other expressions in English.
  • Planning training sessions in English for very high level youth players. (Depending on the week) - Orchestrating and preparing training sessions in English.
  • Encouraging players in English and in Spanish.
  • Observing and acknowledging the cultural differences in football and understanding Spain's inherent talent.
  • Assisting the head coach (Primer Entrenador) when the sessions are in Spanish.
  • Coaching teams during “mundialitos” (tournaments every other week)

Contact Details:

Calle de Andrés Arteaga, 1
28026 Madrid

Teléfono: 91 765 25 72
Metro: Usera

Hours per week: 4 - 8



Resume: Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A

Deadline: N/A


As an assistant coach at the soccer club, I’ve been helping with setup of drills, passing balls to the kids, filling in as goalie from time to time, and overall just serving as an extra set of hands. My favorite part has been chatting with the kids and fellow coaches, as it has enabled me to learn a ton of new Spanish vocab! Especially swear words (oops) and soccer/sports – specific terms. I would definitely recommend this internship for anyone who likes sports, working with kids, and being outside! Adam Bernstein, Tufts. Spring 2023
Craig y Adam. Sp23    Campos de ED Moratalaz.
In this internship I was an assistant coach who helped out at practices for a local soccer team. If you like soccer I would recommend it because it is a new experience and it is very fun getting to meet new types of people from all kinds of different ages who share a love for the sport. Craig Dawe, Tufts. Spring 2023
….              …
I am an assistant coach to several youth soccer (fútbol) teams at C.D.C. Moscardó. I assist with practices while speaking to the players in English (most of the time). I am having a phenomenal time and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes soccer and working with kids.  Alex Schnur, Tufts, Fall 2019 
                 Aubrey, Tufts.Fall 2018    
I help conduct training sessions for little kids in both spanish english. I get to run my own drills and also help the trainers conduct their own. I would highly recommend this internship if you like soccer and little kids. It is super low key, and very fun! I am learning a lot of both coloquial and soccer related spanish. Aubrey Fleming, Tufts. Fall 2018
  Kanav Jhunjhunwala, Tufts. Spring 2018
    S16 ED MORATALAZ Derrick  Derrick Yam  S16 ED MORATALAZ Derrick3
Working as a coach and English director has been an incredible experience. Immediately, I understood the talent disparity between the United States and Spain. Even at U9 and U10 I saw players more technically developed and making more intuitive decisions on the pitch then many players in High School and club soccer in the US. This experience has been a highlight of my time in Madrid and I have learned prodigious amounts about the beautiful game and am excited to apply my further developed soccer knowledge when I return to the States. Derrick Yam, Skidmore. Spring 2016

..   . S16 ED MORATALAZ Derrick2     S16 ED MORATALAZ Derrick4  

El fútbol en Madrid: Raffi Chilingaryan, Tufts & Derrick Yam, Skidmore, Spring 2016: