Colegio Santa Isabel

EDUCATION: English Teacher Assistant Elementary School at Colegio Santa Isabel

Grades K-12. Interns would work in the primary school in many different tasks. Catholic School.

Location: Madrid


  • Professor Assistant
  • Prepare activities( projects and games) to help the students develop language skills
  • Teach and sing songs. Read stories, create stories, and have students act them out.
  • Explain cultural differences to students
  • Resource to the English language teachers, correcting pronunciation, answering questions and going over vocabulary
  • Help supervise field trips to plays, parks, or other locations
  • Do preparation work for each class before the classes start
  • Help with play rehearsals in English
  • Talk with the teachers in Spanish to help build my Spanish
  • Talk with the teachers in English to help them build their English

Contact Details:

Calle Santa Isabel, 46
28012 Madrid

  • Tel.: 91 527 3181
  • Metro: Atocha

Hours per week: 3 - 12



Resume: Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A

Deadline: N/A


I work at a primary school with classes from the 1st to 6th grades. The students are welcoming, energetic, and immensely funny – and very helpful as teachers of coloquial Spanish! I would thoroughly recommend for anyone who enjoys working with kids / is interested in education. Lisle Jamieson, Skidmore. Spring 2023
I’ve been enjoying my internship at Colegio Santa Isabel a lot so far. It’s been super interesting to see how schools work in Spain and get to work with kids at a variety of ages, and the kids are all so sweet. It can be a little confusing logistically since they don’t always follow a set schedule, but staff are always helpful when you ask. Kate Keelan, Smith. Spring 2023
I absolutely adored my time at el cole while I was in Madrid. I had never worked in a preschool before and was extremely nervous considering most of my experience working with kids lies with elementary and middle school aged students. The teachers and staff at el Colegio Santa Isabel were so welcoming, friendly, encouraging, and made me feel like one of them. I would absolutely recommend working with this amazing institution and it has helped shape me into a better educator and I look forward to using what I have learned in practice as a teacher later in life. Alexa Rudolph, Tufts. Spring 2020
        Alexa con un grupo de infantil en el gimnasio 
I worked with 4 and 5 year olds at Santa Isabel, and it was always the highlight of my week. These children were friendly, bright, curious, and always a joy to work with. The director of the preschool program, Juanmi and the teacher that I worked with in the classroom were both so welcoming and easy to communicate with. I would absolutely recommend this internship to other Tufts-Skidmore in Madrid students. Sophia Alfred, Tufts. Spring 2020
Learning about learning is something I never thought I would spend much time doing, but the past 10 weeks at Colegio Santa Isabel have taught me more than I could ever imagine. How certain subjects are valued and taught, the role of religion in a school funded by the church (but with a very diverse student body), as well as constructing relationships with my students are only a few of the many lessons that I have learned. My internship has helped me to exponentially grow my level of intercultural awareness, especially in new and ever-changing situations. It also gave me the chance to place myself in a new and different contact zone of the Spanish language and culture. Ellen Bowen, Skidmore. Spring 2019
In my internship, I am helping to teach English to preschool students. I would recommend this internship to other students because it is a great way to learn about Spanish education and to interact with and have an impact on children. This internship has allowed me to observe different methods of teaching, has helped me learn ways to teach English as a second language, and has allowed me to me practice speaking Spanish speaking with children and teachers, which will help me in the future because I want to be an early childhood teacher. Ayudo con la instrucción de inglés en cinco aulas infantiles. Recomendaría la práctica porque he aprendido mucho sobre diferentes métodos de enseñar y sobre la cultura de escuelas españoles. También, es muy gratificante interactuar con niños españoles y aprender de ellos. Susie Kahler, Tufts. Spring 2017

Susie Kahler

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I teach English grammar and colloquial speech to 12- to 14-year-olds. All of the staff here are super friendly and will take time out of their days to help me if I have a problem. The students love talking with a native speaker, and I think I’m getting a really valuable perspective into the world of education. Evan Sayles, Tufts. Spring 2017
Trabajo en el Colegio Santa Isabel (al lado de la Reina Sofía) dos veces a la semana con cuatro clases distintas con alumnos que tienen cuatro y cinco años. Doy vueltas en las clases para ayudar los niños a aprender inglés. La mayoría de los estudiantes no tienen un nivel básico de inglés y por lo tanto trabajo con ellos para entender los rasgos más importantes del idioma tal como expresiones útiles. Aunque los alumnos estuvieron muy callados al comienzo, cada vez que visité una clase, hablaban más. Es un verdadero placer madrugar para ir a la escuela para hablar con mis estudiantes. Me siento como una parte de la comunidad del Santa Isabel y voy a echar mucho de menos cada martes y jueves lleno de alegría e inglés. Josh Ferry, Tufts. Fall 2016
I’ve learned a lot about how the Catholic, private school functions in Spain on a day-to-day basis. I’ve been able to see how the teacher-student relationship works. I hope that will help me to create my own methods and techniques for working with children in the future. Emily Fritzson, Skidmore. Spring 2016
I am assisting in many bilingual classes speaking English with students. As someone interested in teaching and education, I can carry classroom procedure and teaching philosphies with me. Maddi Freundlich, Skidmore. Spring 2016
I am helping second through fourth grade students learn English through their English, Science and Physical Education classes. We have conversations inside and outside the classroom. MORE INFO Rachel Allen, Tufts. Spring 2016

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I help lead lessons prepared by their teachers, help clarify questions about pronunciation, and engage in structured English conversations with the student … Para mí, no había nada mejor ni nada que me daba más alegría que estar en frente de la clase con los estudiantes muy atentos y aprendiendo algo. Siempre me hacían caso, y cuando no entendían algo, siempre hicieron el esfuerzo de hacer preguntas para clarificación. Les caí tan bien como ellos a mí. Génesis García, Tufts. Spring 2014
…one day a teacher brought a guitar and I just sang Beatles songs in every class and explained a few of the lyrics. Regardless of what you do, all of the teachers and staff there are very nice, and want to accommodate you as much as possible. Peter Beiser, Skidmore. Spring 2014