Comisión Fulbright

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Office Assistant at Comisión Fulbright

Commission for Cultural, Educational and Scientific Exchange between Spain and the United States of America. The Fulbright Commission in Spain focuses specifically on running programs to both help Spanish graduate students study in the U.S. and help American graduate students settle in Spain to complete their studies.

Location: Madrid


  • General guides and guides for cities in Spain on Weebly for American scholars
  • Final informative lectures for scholars, focusing on themes that we should consider
  • Preparing for Orientation days
  • Assisting in the organization of the selection process and personal interviews for both the Masters and Doctorate programs in the US
  • Collaboration in events related to higher education in the US such as orientations, educational fairs, training workshops for volunteers, etc.
  • Preparing documents for information sessions (including Powerpoints, lists, and statistics)
  • Researching important information regarding study fields, scholarships, and other topics related to higher education in the US and those that the students ask of us.
  • Updating contact lists (of representatives of US universities, mass email lists, regular contacts, etc.)
  • Assisting in advising sessions (activities being carried out, monthly and annual statistic reports)

Contact Details:

Calle General Oráa, 55
28006 Madrid

Hours per week: 8 - 10 (dos días a la semana)

Credits: CREDIT


Resume: English, Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A

Deadline: N/A


   Athena Bo, Fall 2021. Union College
Overall, this is a genuine intercultural space. It may not provide complete immersion, but it is a welcoming space for all levels of language and there is always something to be learned. The work, as well as building relationships with the people, is very rewarding, and I would highly recommend this internship, especially for people interested in international affairs or education. Dylan Grant, Tufts. Spring 2020
      Ryan Albanesi, Tufts. Fall2019  
I’ve really enjoyed my time at Fulbright and would definitely recommend this internship! I learned a lot about the process of awarding scholarships to US students as well as Education USA’s work to help Spanish students apply to US colleges. It is definitely a lot of office work which I do by myself on the computer, so if you like working with a team this internship probably is not the best. Ryan Albanesi, Tufts. Fall 2019
               Charles Bailon & Staff, Skidmore. Spring 2019.     
As an intern at Fulbright Commission, I was able to learn more about the prestigious program and see what goes on “behind the scenes” to make sure grantees are enjoying their time in Spain. This internship was very much office work where I sat behind a computer and completed the work that was given to me. Asides from learning more about the program, I was able to learn more about myself by seeing what works best for me in a professional working environment. Charles Bailon, Skidmore. Spring 2019
One of the most valuable aspects of this internships is learning more about how different the US educational system is, and how we and our system is perceived by Spaniards. The work is very much office work, so if you’re not interested in sitting behind a computer or carrying out busy work, this internship isn’t for you. However, the staff is wonderful and very supportive, and I am sure that this will open up opportunities for me in the future should I want to work with Fulbright as a fellow or in the educational sector. Joey Gottlieb, Tufts. Fall 2018
.      Carrie & Joey. Fall 2018
I am very pleased with my experience at Comisión Fulbright and my decision to complete my first internship in Spain at this company. It was an incredible experience that taught me a great deal about Spain and about myself as a worker. I realized that I really enjoy working in a bilingual and bicultural environment. It provides for an interesting experience and many diverse topics and conversations can arise naturally as a result of the mixture of people with whom you are working and the various backgrounds from which they all come. The environment was comforting and everyone was incredibly supportive, but it also pushed me outside of my comfort zone as I got to work, for the first time, in Spanish in a professional environment. I suggest to anyone who is interested in Education and working in a bilingual and bicultural environment that they consider interning for Comisión Fulbright. Carrie Amicucci, Skidmore. Fall 2018
Gil Jacobson, Tufts. Spring 2018   
I’ve had a fantastic experience at the Fulbright Commission thus far. All of the staff are so friendly and helpful, and there is never a shortage of work for me to do. Among my favorite assignments so far have been entering people’s mid-year feedback into an Excel sheet as well as beginning to compile and update an applicant database for next year’s U.S. program in Spain. Gil Jacobson, Tufts. Spring 2018
Along with learning about a new culture, improving my language skills, and expanding my academic horizons, interning in Spain was one of my main goals of studying abroad. I was given the amazing opportunity to work at the Fulbright Commission, an organization that provides grants and scholarships for individuals from both the United States and Spain who hope to study, teach, or conduct research in one of those respective countries. Part of my tasks included translating application documents, helping the Commission transition to an electronic system, creating pages and accumulating data for annual reports, and various administrative tasks such as scanning and filing documents. Throughout my internship I not only learned more about the organization and the relationship between the United States and Spain, but I also gained translation experience, increased innovation and creativity, a greater understanding of Spanish culture, and project-management skills. Additionally, I developed a close relationship with the staff who were genuinely invested in my success as an intern. I would highly encourage any student interested in education, international relations, or even business to participate in this internship. Jaya Khetarpal, Tufts. Fall 2017.
Miranda, Ryan y Jaya, fall 2017      .    .
                          Sophie Lehrenbaum, Tufts. Spring 2017
I would wholeheartedly recommend the Fulbright Commission as a place to intern for any politically or academically inclined student. It offers a fun place to work, and you will learn more about Spain, and how the United States promotes education around the globe. Alex Jaramillo, Tufts. Spring 2017
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Danielle Osborne, Smith College & Nathalie Andrade, Tufts. Fall 2016
I am working with the Fulbright Commission and the Competitive College Club to help talented Spanish high school seniors apply to undergraduate colleges in the United States. I act as an adviser and help the students edit their college essays and stay on schedule to submit their applications. I also do office work for the Fulbright Commission in the form of answering emails and putting together spreadsheets of important information.Danielle Osborne, Smith College. Fall 2016.   .         SP16 FULBRIGHT Lucy Fell2      Lucy Fell, Skidmore. Spring 2016     SP16 FULBRIGHT Lucy Fell
I’m not at the office for many hours each week, but every time has been great! Even though most of the time what I’m doing is mostly administrative work, the staff is incredibly friendly and my bosses have been the best (Clara and Michelle). I’m not practicing my Spanish as much as I thought I would because most of my work is through the American program (with American staff members), but it is still fun either way. Because a lot of the what the American program does involves helping American students with their studies and travels in Spain, there is a lot of information that I can pass on as I am currently in the position they hope to be in in the future. I would recommend the internship to someone who isn’t looking for a large time commitment and is looking to get to know different types of office settings. Nicki Bennet, Skidmore. Spring 2016
Interning at the Fulbright Commission was an overall positive experience where I was able to work in a serious but more relaxed office setting and, among other things, improve my Spanish language skills through speaking with native speakers in a professional manner and completing translations of documents from Spanish to English. I also considered it a great opportunity to submerge myself in the Spanish culture beyond just studying in the classroom and staying with a host family. Maclyn Senear, Tufts. Fall 2015
I would certainly recommend this internship to other future students. Because of the flexible schedule the provide and ability to improve one’s written Spanish by doing translations, the Fulbright internship is perfect for those looking for a half-credit internship that will not be too much of a time. Yonas Dinkneh, Tufts. Fall 2015
My experience doing an internship with the Fulbright Commission has been more than amazing. I greatly enjoyed the staff and the community, and many of the projects I did. I would recommend this site to other students. It definitely made my time in Madrid much more memorable, and I hope to return of Fulbright if I ever find myself back in Spain! Marynee PontesTufts. Spring 2015
I’ve learned that there are many opportunities for to work and study internationally and that every experience counts. For my internship I have to put in order and file students’ applications for a Fulbright Scholarship in the U.S and I’ve learned that their extracurricular activities are just as important than their grades. Idia Irele, Smith College. Fall 2014
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Personalmente, trabajar en Fulbright me ayudo a asegurarme que este es el sector que realmente me gustaría dedicar en el futuro. Eso me ayudaría a combinar varias pasiones que tengo, como viajar, lenguas, intercambio cultural, y mi pasión por la educación. Camila Silva, Tufts. Spring 2014
 .                FULBRIGHT Camila Silva . Camila Silva, Tufts. Spring 2014