SOCIOLOGY: Research Assistant

Project CONCERN: Trust, scientific systems, and denialism. Social factors of vaccination in epidemic contexts. The main goal of this project is to improve the understanding and predictability of the different factors that influence vaccination reticence in a pandemic context. The CONCERN project has a clear objective of transferring knowledge to help improve institutions and government vaccination strategies. The Area of Vaccination Programs of the Spanish Health Ministry participates in this project among other public institutions.

Location: Madrid


You can join a team which conducts dynamic research and has much experience in this field, to collaborate with different tasks while exploring the Spanish society:
  • Search for and review prior academic articles
  • Analysis and discussion of data
  • Preparation of texts in English. Translation and proofreading
  • You will eventually participate in social networks (incorporating your studies into a blog)
  • Support the organization in an event.

Website: N/A

Contact Details:

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Campus de Somosaguas28223 – POZUELO DE ALARCÓN (MADRID)

Hours per week: 6 - 8

Credits: CREDIT


Resume: English, Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A



  • CV: specialty in Sociology, DC Policies, Social Psychology or related disciplines, or have completed classes of these specialties
  • Previous experience with investigations of this kind are preferred
  • Knowledge of SPSS and previous work experience with the program.
During this internship, I have done research on individuals’ motivations for using non-traditional forms of medicine and proofread an academic paper on this topic. I am currently working with Celia on a systematic literature review related to COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy and lack of trust in medical institutions, both within and beyond Spain. I am learning a lot about how formal sociological research is conducted, including how to use research databases, and I am practicing my Spanish in the process!. Ann Yancey Bassett, Tufts. Fall 21
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