EDUCATIONAL MARKETING: Marketing and Product Development Assistant at Elesapiens

EleSapiens is an ecosystem of didactic digital units made up of the natural sciences, social sciences and the environment that combines the world of entertainment with curriculum content.

Location: Madrid


  • Marketing Campaign Assistant
  • Researching information
  • Market Research to support product dissemination
  • Data analysis and proposal/report writing
  • Contact current and future clients
  • Edit articles
  • organize surveys and  documents
  • Translation

Contact Details:

C/ Orense, 20, 2º-10
28005 Madrid – España

  • elesapiens@elesapiens.com
  • Metro: Nuevos Ministerios

Hours per week: 8 - 12



Resume: English, Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A

Deadline: June or November


I’m really enjoying my internship. Right now I’m working in many adobe programs and I’m able to practice through projects Elesapiens has with other companies. I’m also translating different materials and learning the culture here in Spain. It’s a very interesting experience and I’m really enjoying my time there! Atzallali Saucedo-Ruiz, Skidmore. Spring 2020
As someone who is pursuing marketing (in a global context), I had a great experience working with such friendly and talented people, and made it a point to keep in touch after the program ended. A few months ago (after I graduated college), they reached out to me to collaborate on some projects, and I’m happy that I have this chance to diversify my skills by working with them again—though it is remotely. My main takeaways from this are: a) you never know what opportunities may arise from maintaining connections, and b) the value of being in the program extends beyond the time you spend there. Mallika Acharya, Tufs-Skidmore Alumni. Intern at Elesapiens, Spring 2017
Elesapiens is a company that makes educational content in Spanish and English to teach young students science. If you ever watched BrainPop in school, it’s kind of like that. The location of the office is great. It’s in La Latina that has a bunch of cool restaurants around it. It’s nice to have an excuse to go there once or twice every week. At the beginning of my internship I did a lot of translation work, which was definitely really important for my Spanish. In addition to that, I’ve done a lot of administrative tasks which are a bit more boring but still fulfilling. Lastly, I’ve had to go through a massive file of data (over 20,000 entries) and comment on whether each one was a school, company, or other type of organization. This definitely taught me a lot more about how to use Excel and work with large sets of data. Shreya Marathe, Tufts. Spring 2018
In addition to learning about the industry, the types of “behind-the-scenes” tasks that need to get done, I also learned about the the type of work I would want to pursue in the future, and qualities that I value. For example, before working here, I did not think of education as an industry to do marketing in. However, after seeing and learning more about their efforts, I have become more motivated in finding a cause to work towards, and would be interested in working at companies like Elesapiens again. Mallika Acharya, Skidmore. Spring 2017
                                Joey Stagliano & Mallika Acharya, Spring 2017

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I have been involved in an interesting variety of tasks from social media management to translation to helping to produce webcomics. It’s a great and friendly working environment and I’m learning a lot. Nick Byrnes, Tufts. Fall 2015.
                               ELESAPIENS Nick Byrne y Tina Chang