Escuela Infantil ABCGo Nurseries Julián Camarillo

EDUCATION: Pre-School English Teaching Assistant at Escuela Infantil ABC Nurseries

ABCGo Nurseries is a bilingual preschool for children ages 4 months- 3 years. The teachers speak 100% in English with the children for full absorption of the language. There are 4 different classrooms: “A” for children around the ages of 4 months-11 months; “B” for children around the ages of 12 months-19 months; “C” for children around the ages of 20 months- 27 months; and “Go” for children around the ages of 27 months- 36 months. Children learn colors, shapes, animals, how to eat on their own, basic discipline, appropriate social behaviors, etc.

Location: Madrid


  • Assisting teachers with classroom activities
  • Playing/interacting with the children. Play, sing, and dance with the children
  • Finding more English teaching resources
  • Helping discipline and supervise the children
  • Changing diapers, clean faces and hands, etc.
  • Speaking in English to the children
  • Helping the teachers with their English (words and pronunciation)
  • Helping serve and feed the children at lunchtime
  • Helping prepare the children for siesta/naptime
  • Search for, review and share articles
  • Maintain social networks in English
  • Assisting with website maintenance
  • Contact and disseminate information to the English-speaking community of Madrid.

Contact Details:

Calle Alfonso Gómez, 30 -32,
28037 Madrid

  • 91 304 5518
  • Metro: Suances

Hours per week: 10 - 12

Credits: CREDIT


Resume: Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A

Deadline: N/A


  Amanda Orvis 
           I am assisting head teachers at a bilingual preschool in Madrid. My job is to encourage reading, singing, and educational activities in english to children ranging from 2-4 years old. Working at ABCGo Nurseries this fall was an exciting, insightful, and rich experience filled with wonderful opportunities that have enhanced my knowledge in many content areas. It was a wonderful way to improve my Spanish, practice working with children of different ages, and compare different schooling methods. I really enjoyed my responsibility of caring for the children and the relationships I formed with them and their families. I highly recommend this practice for those who are dedicated to working with kids and looking to improve their teaching abilities in and outside of the classroom. Amanda Orvis, Skidmore. Fall 2018
          Rachel Chang, Skidmore. Spring 2018      
I would definitely recommend this internship to future students. For academic reasons, I would specifically recommend this internship to students studying education or psychology, particularly cognitive psychology or developmental psychology. But I also think that a large part of the study abroad experience is about making connections, and kids of ages 1-3 are so eager to connect and are so affectionate. I’ve found that working with these kids and developing relationships with them has been a really good experience for me, especially while trying to make new connections in a new place, and I would therefore recommend it to anyone who has enough patience and energy with kids to work closely with them and foster meaningful relationships.  Rachel Chang, Skidmore. Spring 2018
    Nicole Nadwodny, Tufts. Spring 2018
                  Eman Aftal, Tufts. Spring 2017  
I hope other Tufts-Skidmore Spain students decide to take the opportunity to work with ABCGo. I am very grateful for having had this experience and for all the hard work and dedication the staff of the Tufts-Skidmore Spain program put in to make these experiences possible for the students. ABCGo is a lovely private daycare that goes to great lengths to give the best to its children. While at times the schedule of a daycare can be monotonous, I did feel like the work I was doing was needed and appreciated. I feel like this internship helped me to feel more like a local of Madrid and gave me a new perspective on a different culture. As much as I have helped the children and staff of ABCGo throughout this semester, I feel like they have helped me even more. Jenna Terio, Tufts. Fall 2016
         Jenna Terio
My experience working at ABC Go in Madrid, Spain has been incredibly rewarding
and eye opening. Throughout my time I was able to learn various methods on how to teach
language to children and manage a classroom. The experience allowed me to learn about and
gain a passion for language acquisition, especially in regards to bilingual children. I gain
insight into the education system of Spain. I am very grateful for the experience. Evelyn Ocampo, Tufts. Fall 2015
                         Evelyn Ocampo
At my internship with ABCGo Nurseries as an assistant teacher I learned a great deal from the staff and the 3-month to 3-year-old children. I learned about child development, teaching, discipline, and affection within the context of Spanish culture. My work at the preschool helped me to feel like an integral part of the Spanish community, and I am very grateful for the experience. More info Liz Aaron, Skidmore. Spring 2015


De esta experiencia, aprendí mucho sobre otros estilos de enseñanza. … También, fue una lección sobre el proceso de adaptación en un ambiente nuevo. Esta experiencia es importante para mi futuro porque las dos cosas que me interesan más son vivir en España y enseñar a los niños. Emma Weitzenkorn, Skidmore. Spring 2014

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