Fortin Translations

LANGUAGE: Translator and office assistant intern

A freelance traslator specializing in the Spanish and English market. Fortin Translations is based in Madrid for over six years.

Location: Madrid


  • Translate documents
  • Administrative assistance
  • Research terminology
  • Glossary Compilation
  • Edit and support web site
  • MArketing design

Contact Details:

Calle Fuencarral, 123
A distancia

Metro: Sol

Hours per week: 5 - 8



Resume: English, Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A

Deadline: N/A



I helped in the translation of legal documents such as birth and divorce certificates, as well as more colloquial texts. I also worked on building up glossaries for certain companies, and learned a great deal about the translation world and how the industry works. Regardless of whether I have a translation job in the future, having experience in translation is very useful in a practical sense and looks great on a resumé too! Beatriz Nallar, Tufts