Great Little People (Business / Technology)

Great Little People

Language school catered to girls and boys ages one to seven. This is a young company with a modernized education project and is very motivated to see it through. They developed a method to learn English through games, songs, and videos.

Location: Madrid


Possible tasks and responsibilities that may be required:
  •   Digital knowledge, as well as that of market studies, administration, and business management
  •   Benchmarking and market studies regarding educative apps for children in English
  •   Content creator and designer for children (illustrations)
  •   Design and composition of educative and simple games to apply in Great Little People’s digital apps
  •   Market studies of the student’s country of origin that focus on nursery and other schools, as well as local partners connected to English and child education, all of which seeks to further develop Great Little People’s internalization plan
  • Content creation on the Genially platform for the digitalization of Great Little People’s educative project to offer online sessions to families

Contact Details:

Calle Colombia 38 Bajo Local,
28016 Madrid

Metro: Colombia

Hours per week: 8 - 10



Resume: English, Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A



Chris Trauger, Tufts. SP23 Con el equipo de GLP
I have been doing research and gathering information about markets to help GLP with their internationalization goals. I have enjoyed the experience, although it can be a little boring and repetitive at times. Chris Trauger, Tufts. Spring 2023
       Pierce en GLP
As an intern with Great Little People, I have been writing short stories for young kids learning english, as well as recording simple songs using guitar and voiceI would definitely recommend this internship to future students at Tufts/Skidmore in Spain. The staff are young and kind and the tasks are engaging and can be adjusted to your own interests. Pierce Haley, Colgate. Spring 2022)
I am working with an organization that teaches english to 1-7 year olds. I have worked on script revisions and voice recordings for an app they are going to launch, creating scripts for different themed youtube videos with specific vocabulary, and I have worked hands on with kids in storytelling events and within their weekly classes at the GLP program center. Lisa Garcia, Swarthmore. Fall 2021


                                  Lisa en Great Little People. Fall 2021



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