HUSOS Arquitecturas

URBAN PLANNING & ARCHITECTURE: Projects Research Assistant

Husos is an architectural office that operates in the fields of architecture, urban planning and micro-landscaping, which are understood as practices of social transformation. Their work examines how these areas of action mediate the relationships that constitute everyday life: relationships to non-human nature, particularly between species, as well as those involving issues of gender and colonial dynamics, among others. These are unpacked through a continuous dialogue between research and design, theory and practice. Husos was founded by Diego Barajas (Bogotá) and Camilo García (Cali) in Madrid in 2003. Based in this city, it operates regularly between Spain and Colombia.It is currently formed by Almudena Tenorio, Camilo García, Diego Barajas and Sem Fernández. ____________________________________ The work of Husos is part of the permanent collections at the FRAC Centre in Orleans, France and the History Museum of Rotterdam, and it has received the Zumtobel Award for Sustainability and Humanity. Furthermore, it has been presented at the Venice Biennale, the Rotterdam Biennale, the Oslo Architecture Triennale, Matadero Madrid, the Tápies Foundation, Witte de With Museum in Holland, Ecovisionarios, and PhotoEspaña, among others. They are the authors of the book Urbanisms of remittances, (Re)productive houses in dispersion (Caniche Publishers, Madrid, 2017), which was awarded the Fundació Sabadell 2019 prize and is currently part of the permanent Art Collection of the Fundació Banc Sabadell in Barcelona.

Location: Madrid


  • Research important information regarding environmental and social justice projects
  • Contribute in ongoing research projects
  • Help in the updating of information related to past and present projects
  • Help in the production of graphics (if skilled in this area)
  • Support the organization of events
  • Translate documents

Contact Details:

C/ Luciente, 14, 2C
28005 Madrid / Spain

Metro: La Latina. Línea 5

Hours per week: 8

Credits: CREDIT


Resume: English, Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A



Alguna selección de enlaces que HUSOS considera interesantes/ Links selection:
+ “No queremos contribuir a la homogeneización del mundo que nos rodea”. Entrevista a Husos
por José Tomás Franco publicada en Archdaily (ESP).
+ “We Don’t Want to Contribute to the Homogenization of the World Around Us”. Interview with Husos
by José Tomás Franco published in Archdaily (ENG)
+ Host and Nectar Home Atelier Garden Building (EJHNMC). Project by Husos in « The (architectural) masterpiece »,
Viceversa Magazine, article by Paula V. Álvarez.
+ “Viviendas productivas, campos de batalla”. Artículo de Husos en Urbanbat.

+ “Urbanisms for Homeless Species”. Article by Husos in Avery Shorts,
a project of Columbia Books on Architecture and the City
+ (Synanthro)Love Shack, (Tele)Working Abode. Project by Husos in Archdaily.
+ “Caballos de troya y jardines nectaríferos”. Conversación con Husos en Más allá de lo humano, editorial Bartlebooth.
+ Urbanismos de remesas. Viviendas (re)productivas de la dispersión. Libro por Husos, editorial Caniche.
+ Urbanisms of Remittances, (Re)productive houses in Dispersion. Book by Husos, Caniche Editorial.
+ Host and Nectar Garden Building (EJHNMC). Project by Husos in Fan Club,
curated by Fabrizio Gallanti, discussed by Andrés Jaque,
Kvadrat Interwoven Magazine.
+ “The Architecture of the Everyday: Husos Architects on the Emergence of Migratory Urbanisms”. Article of Husos work
y Joanna Kloppenburg in Architizer.