Mezcla Perfecta

CHEMISTRY: Store and workshop assistant

Mezcla Perfecta is a young company whose philosophy is “do it yourself”. They provide the knowledge and materials necessary to help you create from your own cosmetics and soaps to making your own resin and clay figures, and through a host of endless possibilities. They are always willing to improve and learn, so if you think we are missing a product that you need or are missing a workshop, let us know. Not only would they like to have a store, but also a space to create and share.

Location: Madrid


  • Making videos in English to demonstrate how to use some of the kits from varying products
  • Give publicity through social media
  • Help complete orders and replenish materials for the store
  • Investigate, organize and conduct a workshop in English on a topic that can be fun and useful, both for children and adults
  • Attend the clients in certain occasions
  • Translate to English in some parts of the website

Contact Details:

Calle Hermanos Quinteros, 6
28004 Madrid
Tel.: 91 292 0336
Metro: Alonso Martínez o Bilbao

Hours per week: 6 - 8



Resume: English, Spanish
Interview Required: yes

Deadline: N/A