MULTIDISCIPLINARY ART: Estudio de investigación audiovisual, arquitectura y música

Paisajesensorial is an art/research study focused on the analysis of sound and social space. We work with architecture, musical composition, audiovisual art, and scientific research to study themes such as the relation between art and gender.

Location: Madrid


This internship is intended for students interested in the multidisciplinary arts field. There are various ways for students to be involved based on their interests, such as communication or artistic creation.
  • Designing brochures and posters
  • Organize file archive
  • Translating documents, scripts, and writing subtitles in English and in Spanish
  • Social Media: Facebook, twiter, Instagram, etc,
  • Blog: write and edit blog posts
Artistic Creation:
  • Participation in creative projects, videos, sound work, interactive installations, public events,...

Contact Details:

Costanilla de San Andrés, 4, 2 izquierda
28005 Madrid
Tel.: 91 366 14 65

Metro: La Latina

Hours per week: 6 - 12



Resume: Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A



My internship is very tailored to me and my interests: since I love film/video, I am making a documentary about the soundscape of Madrid. I am excited to have a new piece to add to my portfolio. I would recommend this internship. Erika Jolie, Tufts. Spring 2023

At Paisaje Sensorial I have been creating various video projects and am starting to work on a promotional video for the studio. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in video production because it has allowed me to experiment with the visual medium in relation to sound in new, creative ways. Ana Sophia Acosta, Tufts. Spring 2019
Trabajos de edición de vídeos en los que ha colaborado Ana Sophia para Paisaje Sensorial:

Vídeo de paisaje Sensorial en español

Vídeo de Paisaje Sensorial en inglés


Componiendo la Ciudad Madrid- Napoles. Cristina Palmese