WEALTH MANAGEMENT: Junior Financial Analyst at Patrivalor

Patrivalor SGIIC SA is an independent Spanish Asset Management company which manages two mutual funds, a trust fund, as well as close to 200 discretionary mandates for HNWI. Successful candidates should show a strong interest in the financial world, be resourceful, entrepreneurial and willing to challenge themselves to find answers to unsolved problems. They will work closely with all departments (back-office, middle-office, and front-office) and receive a comprehensive overview as well as first-hand knowledge of how an asset management company works.

Location: Madrid


  • Basic administrative tasks
  • Updating and improving the investment database, the client database, as well as the overall communication process
  • Attending meetings with external analysts as well as with top management of publically quoted companies
  • Attending courses at Bloomberg to maximize use of the tool
  • Making contributions at all stages in the investment process, including sourcing, researching, and modeling investments
  • Building and applying expertise in fundamental and quantitative analysis

Contact Details:

Paseo Castellana 12, 2ºDcha
28046 Madrid
Tel. 91 544 79 79

Hours per week: 8 -12



Resume: English, Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: English, Spanish

Deadline: June or November


                                          Chris García, Tufts. Spring 2022
At Patrivalor, I have been learning how to use the Bloomberg terminal, and translate news articles for the company website. I would definitely recommend this internship, and I believe I am learning highly marketable skills for my future job. Rachel Dentler, Skidmore. Fall 2021.


Rachel Dentler en Patrivalor
At Patrivalor, I have had the opportunity to work on financial analysis, creating graphs that are going to be presented to clients. I have also worked on compliance slides, and educational slides, learning how to manage Powerpoint more efficiently while learning about financial regulation and securities’ law. Lastly, I have been able to learn more about the Bloomberg Terminal, which I use every day at my internship. My internship was a phenomenal way to enrich my experience in Spain. Without being too time-consuming, it allowed me to gain a better understanding of the financial services industry, consolidate my Spanish, add a fabulous experience to my resume, and make lifelong business connections. I would highly recommend interning at Patrivalor to any student interested in finance. Matthew Jourlait, Tufts. Spring 2020
I’ve been working in Bloomberg a lot recently which has helped me learn more about different securities and also taught me how to perform a variety of different functions on the tool. I would highly recommend Patrivalor because it’s not only a great learning experience, but the people that work there are really sweet and want to help you learn and succeed. I want to work in the finance/consulting industry in the future and I think this experience will be a great talking point in future interviews. Elena Chavez, Tufts. Spring 2020.
   Elena y Matthew en Patrivalor 
            My internship with Patrivalor has made my semester in Spain very enjoyable and worthwhile. As a Wealth Management Intern, I was able to work firsthand with the company’s two mutual funds. I gained a lot of experience working in Excel and also formed many positive connections with the employees of the organization. The internship has pushed me to pursue a career in fund and wealth management, where I had not been sure what I wanted to do before. Patrivalor was an invaluable experience and functioned very well as a “contact zone” that gave me exposure to the professional world and to the culture. I enjoy it very much and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in finance and wealth management. Jack Brotmann, Tufts. Spring 2019
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    Interning at Patrivalor, I have had the opportunity to see asset management in action and have gained exposure to tools such as Bloomberg Madrid. In the process, I’ve learned important finance-specific vocabulary and have reviewed intro to finance in an entirely different language! Siobhan Shamlian, Tufts. Spring 2019
.                     Atessa y Julia. Fall 2018. Visitando la sede de BBVA
I´ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Patrivalor thus far. Not only is it an amazing opportunity to learn skills related to the work that Patrivalor does for its clients (working with the Bloomberg terminal, Excel, and client portfolios), it has also been a very good setting in which to practice my Spanish. I have learned a lot about finance and the Spanish language surrounding it which I will undoubtedly use later in life. Atessa Farmani, Smith College. Fall 2018
    Minal y Kana, Tufts. Spring 2018     
I am working as a junior analyst at a wealth management firm where the staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. My long-term project involves writing a macro in Excel´s VBA programming language to facilitate their client database. I would definitely recommend this internship as it has been a great opportunity for me to apply my programming skills and learn about the operations in this type of firm, especially in a spanish speaking professional environment! I also had the opportunity to attend classes at the Bloomberg office here in Madrid. Minal Mirpuri, Tufts. Spring 2018
Patrivalor is a mutual funds company that I worked for roughly 8 hours a week for the fall semester. It is filled with hard working and kind individuals who give you difficult but fair tasks that will help develop the intern who works there. I spent most of my time in computer programming because that’s something I could do well and something they needed. I would highly recommend it to anyone who comes here abroad. Will Blauvlet, Skidmore. Fall 2017
Will Blauvlet, Skidmore. Fall 2017
Patrivalor provided me the incredible and unique opportunity to do meaningful work in an exciting Spanish office setting. The employees of Patrivalor tailored my work to my personal academic interests and were always very patient and supportive. I am very grateful to have been given experience in a fast-paced industry, but at the same time having worked in an environment where I did not feel overwhelmed in the slightest. Deciding to intern at Patrivalor was one of the best decisions I made in Madrid. Andrew Roberts, Tufts. Spring 2017
               Byron Poplasky & Andrew Roberts, Spring 2017
Working with Patrivalor this semester was my entry into the financial world. I knew that I was interested in finance, but I had no means of turning my interest into an internship. Thanks to the Skidmore in Spain team, that interest became a reality. I gained incredible experience working on projects that drew on my interests of banking and computer programming. Furthermore, the Bloomberg classes and meetings at foreign banks set me up to succeed in my summer internship interviews. Thank you to everyone at Patrivalor! Byron Poplasky, Skidmore. Spring 2017
I can only thank Patrivalor for allowing me to be its intern. I learned so much during my time there and I’m very humbled because I was giving an amazing opportunity to inmer on the bussiness world. I really enjoyed my time learning and working along co-workers who are not only dedicated but motivated to perform their job at the best of their abilities. This atmosphere motivates me to keep striking for my dreams and fighting for them. Farley Flores, Tufts. Fall 16
                             Christian Koshgarian.   
Patrivalor is a truly great company that no only does a great job in its work, but everyone loves it there and they treat everyone very well, from the top brass down to the interns. Whenever I wanted, Christine, or any of the big bosses were always available to answer my questions and everyone was so friendly and willing to help out. This is not the standard in the finance world, as many are known to not treat the interns well, but this place is definitely one of those great places. I was able to learn so much and I am convinced that it helped me to get my internship for this summer, as during my interviews I would speak about the work that I was doing for Patrivalor, which would be similar to what I would be trained to do at the big companies that I will be interning for. I am so thankful for everything they have taught me and trusted me to do. Christian Koshgarian, Tufts. Fall 16
S16 PATRIVALOR Jiyoung y George 2   S16 PATRIVALOR Jiyoung y George 3   S16 PATRIVALOR Jiyoung y George
Jiyoung Sim, George Roumeliotis & Christine Dallett
My time with Patrivalor has been an intelectually stimulating and rewarding experience. I have been granted unique insight into Spanish office culture and the Spanish financial industry. With Patrivalor, I have learned more about technology, investment analysis, and the Spanish economy, all the while making a worthwhile contribution to the company. George Roumeliotis, Tufts. Spring 2016

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