Protección Internacional: Provivienda

NGO: Activities and Office Assistant; Legal Aid Assistant at Protección Internacional de Refugiados: Provivienda

International protection is a non-profit organization that works to improve the realities of refuge petitioners in Madrid. For many years, their principal objective has been to welcome, guide, and aid in the arrival of seekers of asylum and refuge, while also promoting the housing rights among this collective and others at risk of social exclusion. International Protection provides legal aid, training, and protection to seekers of refuge and asylum, requiring no financial compensation from them in return.

Location: Madrid


A few of the projects you could work on in International Protection are: Department of Employability
  • Training workshops
  • Language classes
  • Orientation and adaptation activities
  • Leisure activities
Legal Department:
  • Research and preparation of reports - bilingual guides to provide useful information for cases of asylum application
  • Data analysis and reports
  • Research projects
Department of International Protection
  • Translation of documents, speeches, guides and simultaneous translation
Communications Department
  • Development, maintenance and expansion of social media presence
  • Support in the international search for new funding and collaborators
  • Audiovisual: camera operation, operation of sound equipment, video editing, revision and writing of guides…
  • Support in sensibilisation and informational campaigns, donation collecting,...

Contact Details:

Av. de Córdoba, 21, 4ª Planta Local 2, 28026 Madrid

Metro: Almendrales, línea 3 (amarilla)

Teléfono: 915 570 130 / Fax: 914 008 250
Correo electrónico:

Hours per week: 6 - 10



Resume: English, Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A

Deadline: N/A


A classmate and I teach English once a week to refugees, and we are developing teaching experience as well as leadership leading a class. I would recommend it to anyone interested in further development of your language skills as you teach classes in Spanish about English, requiring mastery of both languages as you develop your communication skills. Ashley Dasika. Tufts, Fall 2023
I’m teaching English to asylum-seekers and other residents of Spain of all ages. I would recommend this internship because it’s fun and interesting, and I’m learning about the English and Spanish languages as I’m doing it. Max Dryfoos. Tufts, Fall 2023
I am learning a lot about rearranging information in a manner that makes more sense to English readers, and learning about what makes sense to Spanish speakers. Comparing both languages in my internship has allowed me to improve my vocabulary in Spanish, and I would definitely recommend this position to other students. I want to be a lawyer, so developing my eye for detail with these translations has been helpful! Maria Bideiwy, Skidmore. Spring 2023
At Provivienda I assist with translating resources and documents for their communications team regarding housing in Spain. I am learning a lot about the housing process in Spain, including issues like housing discrimination and lack of affordable housing, that have offered a more global perspective on housing practices that I had not previously been exposed to as a Political Science student. I recommend this internship to students who are interested in learning more about equitable and just housing practices and looking to improve their Spanish. Hannah Cox, Tufts. Spring 2023.
I am preparing lessons and teaching lessons on English to groups of 3-7 people- a mix of grammar, conversation, listening and reading comprehension and more. I would recommend it to someone who wants to get a taste of teaching, especially teaching english, because you are given all responsibilities of a teacher from jump and see your preparation through. Ben Barresi, Skidmore. Spring 2023
                              Ben con su clase en Provivienda. Spring 23
My role this semester is to plan/teach weekly English classes to individuals seeking to improve their English to use in prospective jobs, among other reasons. I definitely recommend this internship! The staff are all welcoming, understanding, and helpful. The work is very rewarding; I feel blessed to be able to serve the community and build relationships with the students! John Cho, Tufts. Spring 2023
Teaching English classes at La Provivienda has been challenging, but incredibly rewarding. We have total freedom in what and how we choose to teach. With that comes a lot of responsibility, but I feel this internship has challenged me to grow in many ways and I would definitely recommend it to other interested students. Carla Hamilton, Tufts. Spring 2023
I absolutely love working with the students and staff at Provivienda and would highly recommend it. Currently, I´m teaching three English classes to people who have immigrated to Spain, the majority of whom have refugee status. I also meet for one-on-one conversation practice with a student who is learning Spanish but is fluent in English with the goal of improving both his Spanish skills and his confidence speaking the language. As someone passionate about the field of immigration, I feel so grateful to be at Provivienda because I know the experiences I am having forming connections with so many different people and constantly switching between two languages will be immensely helpful in the future when I hopefully work in a similar organization or institution. Katie Furey, Tufts. Spring 2022
                    Katie con compañeras de Provivienda
I have been preparing and teaching English classes. Yes, I would recommend this internship because the classes have been a rewarding experience, and Elena is a good supervisor. I believe that this work has made me more interested in working with refugees or with an NGO in my career. Max Goldfarb, Tufts. Fall 2021
Caroline y Max en su aula de ESL y con parte del equipo de Provivienda. Fall 2021
With Provivienda I had the opportunity to teach English to refugees in the Madrid community. Unfortunately I only had the chance to teach once this semester but it was an utter please as I got to connect with a new demographic I would not have otherwise. I would recommend it and can see it helping my future as I plan to continue with immigrant/refugee education. Sophie Heckelman, Tufts. Spring 2020
I would definitely recommend this internship, but to someone who is able to go with the flow. We are teaching English to recent refugees, and it is incredibly rewarding to build relationships with these people, but also it is definitely difficult sometimes when speaking about more personal topics. Sahana Callahan, Tufts. Fall 2019
  Sahana y Natalie Nowak en Provivienda. Fall 2019 
        So far, I have designed a workshop presentation on climate change in Spanish and taught it to two Spanish classes. I have also translated that presentation and another one they already had about recycling to English. Going forward, I am not sure what they want me to do other than teach those workshops, but I will meet with my boss next week to figure things out. There’s a chance I may start teaching English classes if it works with my schedule. I would make sure that your schedule works with their class schedule.I would recommend the internship with Provivienda. Luke Downs, Tufts. Spring 2019
         I have been teaching English, which was a very difficult but interesting experience. However, the schedules of the students have changed and so my work is currently changing and I am not entirely sure what my future work will be. But I am working with the Employment Specialist, Alice, and she is very nice–everyone at Provivienda is very friendly and happy to help with anything. I think the brief experience teaching English was a good introduction and good background for possible future work. Lara Brewer, Smith. Spring 2019
           I would absolutely recommend an internship at Provivienda to future students who are interested in working with refugees, immigrants, or vulnerable communities. This internship is perfect for a student who is outgoing, friendly would like experience in public speaking, and an overall people person. While emotionally difficult at times, this internship is extremely rewarding and feels very worthwhile in the long run. Not only will other potential students gain the incredible, hands on, experience working in the midst of this dire refugee crisis, but they will also make lasting connections with the other workers in the office and the refugees/immigrants themselves. I feel very fortunate to have these connections as I move closer towards a career in the field of immigrant and refugee affairs.  Annie James, Skidmore. Fall 2018

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