SPECIAL EDUCATION: English Teacher at T-Oigo

NGO English Tutoring for the Hearing Impaired T-Oigo is an organization that places interns - volunteers with deaf children in order to teach English as a second language.

Location: Madrid y Alcalá de Henares


  • English tutor to children with coclear implants
  • Play games and do activities in English as a way to support English learning outside of school

Contact Details:

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Hours per week: 2 - 5



Resume: English
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A

Deadline: N/A


I am volunteering for a program that supports kids with hearing loss who are learning English. Each week I prepare an activity(ies) for Daniela where she can practice hearing and speaking English. I have become very close with her and mother, Nuria, who offers to drive me home after each session. Daniela is not confident in her English abilities and often say’s that she does not want to speak in English. My biggest challenge is finding activities to keep her engaged and wanting to speak in English. I would definitely recommend this internship, it is a wonderful way to become a part of a family. Aggie Raymond, Skidmore. Spring 2019
I would definitely recommend doing this internship. It is one hour a week spent with a child who has cochlear implants to help them learn English. I am paired with a four year old girl who has double implants and is at the very beginning stages of learning English. We work on learning colors and numbers in english while the rest of the majority of our time is spent playing in spanish with me repeating a few key words in english and asking her to repeat them. This internship helps you learn to work with kids of different abilities and is it is nice to have a break from schoolwork and be able to hang with a little kid for an hour a week. Kristen Donlevie, Skidmore. Spring 2017
After the afternoon of English activity, I have dinner with the family and we speak in Spanish. This is one of my favorite aspects of the internship because Juan´s family has no trouble correcting my Spanish. Each Sunday is like a small lesson for me, which is perfect because I appreciate the corrections only in small doses….Overall, Juan´s family has become like a second host family. More info. Lucy Cooper-Hauser, Skidmore. Spring 2015
I’m extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity to get to know another Spanish family and really feel like I became integrated in with them.  When I come back to Spain (because I will be back), I will not hesitate to call them to meet up.  Susana’s mother and I especially have created a close bond that I hope to be able to maintain to some extent when I return to the United States. Kristina Chang, Tufts. Spring 2015

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Lila Kohrman-Glaser, Skidmore. Spring 2013