Tienda Solidaria en la Casa Encendida

BUSINESS & FAIR TRADE: Sales associate in fair trade store at Alianza por la Solidaridad

Fair Trade Store in a Cultural Center, La Casa Encendida. Located in the southwest corner of Madrid, La Casa Encendida is a cultural center that is always booming with visitors. Besides our store, there is a café, a library, art exhibitions, photography studios, and a concert space for the public to enjoy.

Location: Madrid


  • Customer service in a store that sells fair trade products
  • Product research about fair trade products at the office of the NGO
  • Run sustainability or environmental workshops

Contact Details:

Ronda de Valencia, 2,
28005 Madrid

  • 91 4681420
  • tienda@solidaridad@org
  • Metro: Embajadores / Atocha

Hours per week: 3 - 12



Resume: Spanish
Interview Required: yes
Coverletter: N/A

Deadline: N/A


I am working in their store in La casa encendida, selling/restocking items, communicating with customers, and researching fair trade and ways to educate customers about sustainability. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in the environment, sustainability, or anyone who wants to improve in Spanish! Olivia Gallant, Tufts. Spring 2022
Gaia Santoro-Lechinni    Tufts. Spring 2022
In their sustainable, fair-trade store I was able to practice my social media skills while also engaging with customers every day and helping out with shopkeeping tasks. The store is in a very cool cultural center with a wonderful cafe and in one of my favorite neighborhood, Lavapiés. It was a fun, enjoyable internship that helped me practice my Spanish and allowed me to explore a unique neighborhood in Madrid. Katerina Kakkis, Tufts.Spring2019
                       Michael Dunkelman, Tufts. Spring 2019  
           Getting to work at the Tienda Solidaria has been a great experience. It is situated in a really cool arts building in Lavapies, a cool part of town. It’s been a great way to practice my spanish, interact with people I wouldn’t otherwise, and learn a lot about fair trade while working as a cashier, stocking products and doing research for the store. Claire O’Donnell, Tufts. Fall 2018
  Claire o´Donnell
             I have been working at their fair trade store, where I have been learning about the efforts of the organization, researching fair trade and sustainable products to bring to the store, and selling products. This internship has been a great way for me to practice my spanish with customers and learn about how fair trade goods can benefit communities and the campaigns of NGOs. Arianna Cooper, Skidmore. Fall 2018.
                                                          Arianna Cooper  
For two hours each week I work in their fair trade store, taking inventory, reorganizing the store, and working on a brochure to teach the customers more about the benefits of fair trade. For the other two weeks, I travel to their office where I translate documents from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Isabel Falls, Tufts. Spring 2018
             I am happy I chose to go through with an internship. Not only did it show me new parts of the city, but it also introduced me to people of all ages I would not have otherwise met. The internship showed me a window into the real world of being an adult going to work everyday. I am grateful for my experience and would recommend an internship to other students. Madrid is a lively city filled with all sorts of people. During your time here, it is important that you put yourselves out there and try your best to connect with the culture. An internship is one of the best ways to achieve that. Nora Faber, Skidmore. Spring 2017

tienda_solidaria        tienda_solidaria2


tienda_solidaria3        MD121. MADRID, 29/10/09.- Vista de la obra "Puente-persiana", una gran persiana enrollable y de plástico blanco a modo de puente colgante que atraviesa el patio de La Casa Encendida, en Madrid, de la artista mexicana Hisae Ikenaga. La pieza, que junto a "Puerta de puertas" y a la serie de "cinco carteles informativos", forma parte del proyecto "Encontrados", podrá visitarse hasta el próximo 29 de noviembre. EFE/mblanco/lacasaencendida ***SÓLO USO EDITORIAL***