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Volver a casa

Después de un viaje de una semana en el Sur con amigos del programa, el más largo que he hecho este semestre, regresé a mi casa, a mi familia, a mi madre madrileña, Carmen. Me sentía muy cómoda y tranquila por venir a mi casa desde la estación de autobuses. Este semestre, he conocido una […]


Mi primer post en castellano :-)

Hoy es el último día de mis clases. Y mañana, voy a un viaje de una semana en el sur de España con algunos amigos del programa. Cuando regrese, solo tengo un fin de semana y tres días de trabajos y exámenes finales. ¡No lo puedo creer! Pero este puente viene en buen momento. Durante […]


Cool Línea Uno

In the spirit of staying positive and being thankful (it is currently Thanksgiving day), I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the Most Valued Player in my life. La reapertura de Línea Uno, or the reopening of Line One, on Madrid’s metro has reminded me just how bien conectada the city is. It now […]

Lolina's Vintage Café in the Malasaña district


This week in IFG, we started the meeting off on a positive note by recalling the things we are grateful for and the good things that have happened in the past week. This was a great reminder to uplift and calm ourselves when facing the challenges and difficulties of being abroad—particularly after the despairing week […]


Hoping that Spain IS different

This semester, I am taking three program classes: the required Language class, En Boca de Mujer and Is Spain Different?. All three classes have been very enjoyable and I have learned so much. Having taken previous feminist literature classes, En Boca de Mujer has been an excellent comparative experience that has allowed me to expand […]


Me-Time, Challenge Accepted

AVIVA KARDENER- This week, our IFG challenge is about self-care. IFG (Intercultural Focus Groups) is an amazing resource offered by our program. It acts as a safe space to be mindful and aware of our experiences in our life abroad. This is an opportunity to digest and get the most out of studying abroad. Needless […]

IN PIC................. ‘Love trumps hate’: A message to Donald Trump carried by a plane crowdfunded by 38 Degrees members. Plane had to carry message well to the north of Turnberry because of no-fly zone.
(c) Wullie Marr/38 degrees
For pic details, contact Wullie Marr........... 07989359845

… Because Love Trumps Hate

AVIVA KARDENER- So, I can be bit of a sore loser. As a kid growing up, when there was a good chance my older brother would win whatever game we were playing, I´d get up and leave with some unconvincing excuse. I have regressed back to this gut-reaction with the news of the results of […]


Half way done…

AVIVA KARDENER- This week marks the end of week eight in Madrid. That means we only have seven weeks left in the semester. Somehow, we have already passed the half way mark. This brings up some memories of the odd but entertaining Half Way There party Tufts throws 2nd semester Sophomores before finals. It was […]


Striking a Balance

AVIVA KARDENER- Best thing about studying abroad—so much to do. Worst thing about studying abroad—so much to do. This week has reminded me that I have to continue to practice the important life skill of finding balance and calm no matter where I am in the world. Now, I had expected to put this ability […]


Real Talk in English

AVIVA KARDENER- Last week, we began the English conversation classes in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. These classes are much like the language class recitations we take while at Tufts with exchange student T.A.’s. The idea is to create an open space to practice speaking in one’s language of study without the pressure of grades, […]