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Netflix in Spain

One of the things I first noticed when I arrived in Spain eight months ago was that my Netflix selection grew bigger. I was excited to explore some Spanish shows and movies, especially because one of my goals was to immerse myself in the culture and try to understand its idioms, inside jokes, stereotypes, etc. […]


Rediscovering Spanish with Chavela

Last semester, I took several program classes and really enjoyed them. This semester I am only taking one program class – Spanish for Heritage Speakers taught by our wonderful Chavela.    Even though I grew up in Honduras and Spanish is my native language, I have always felt more comfortable in English. Perhaps because I […]

Recetas españolas de JD

Si hay algo que impacta a nuestros estudiantes durante su semestre o su año en España, es la comida de la que disfrutamos en este país. Por eso nos encanta que nuestra estudiante Julie DeAngelis, conocida por todo el mundo como JD, de Tufts in Madrid 2012-2013, haya escrito en este fabuloso blog un montón […]