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The Hard Work Pays Off_by Naomi

Hola! Today is my first day back in Madrid after attending the Eastern Sociological Conference in Philadelphia. As a senior, I was given the opportunity to present my research and listen to the projects of other researchers in the northeast. But before I go into detail about the conference, I often get the question: what […]


Coloquio internacional sobre literatura feminista hispanoamericana.

Queridas y queridos estudiantes: Los días 30 (miércoles) y 31 (jueves) de esta semana, se celebrará el VI Coloquio Internacional de Jóvenes Investigadores en Literatura Hispanoamericana de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, con el título “TODAS ÍBAMOS A SER REINAS: OLVIDOS, EXCLUSIONES Y FEMINISMO EN LA LITERATURA HISPANOAMERICANA”.  Participaré en el evento como moderadora de […]


INTERESTING LECTURE: Social Inequality in the United States. A brief summary of the impact of race, class, and gender on social location and social mobility

Dr. JoAnn W. Rogers from Clarkson University will be in Madrid’s Universidad Complutense on Thursday, February 25th at 1:00pm, giving a very interesting lecture titled Social Inequality in the United States. It is a great opportunity to listen to this expert on social inequality and gender and to participate in the question and answer session […]