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Essential Apps While Studying Abroad

Every night in Madrid is something different. Last night, a few students from the program and I decided to have a relaxed night at a pub in our neighborhood instead of going into the center of town and having a more “active” Saturday night out. It was there that we met a group of Americans […]


Normas de convivencia con la familia: un repaso

Ahora que lleváis un tiempo en España, que ya conocéis un poco más la realidad de la cultura española, las diferencias culturales, es el momento de hacer una doble reflexión sobre las familias españolas con las que convivís: personas reales, con sus muchas virtudes y por supuesto, con algunos defectos. Desde el programa queremos agradeceros […]


Localised disruption likely during planned anti-government rallies on 29 November, 14 December

Travel disruption and localised unrest are possible during planned rallies in the capital Madrid by anti-government activists affiliated to the 25 September (25S) group, an offshoot of the 15M coalition of anti-austerity civic groups. Details of the upcoming demonstrations in the capital are as follows: 29 November: Rally at 19.00 (local time) from the ruling […]


Madrid, other urban centres: Plan routes avoiding rallies during nationwide strike by student unions on 20 November

Protests can be expected during a nationwide strike called by student unions on 20 November to denounce proposed education reforms. In the capital Madrid, students plan to hold a demonstration at 12.00 (local time) at the education ministry building. Additional protests are likely in other urban centres during the walkout, which is due to coincide […]


Madrid: Localised disruption likely during rally over education cuts at residence of prime minister on 14 November

Localised disruption can be expected during a rally on 14 November at Palacio de la Moncloa (the prime minister’s official residence) in the capital Madrid. Participants plan to submit the outcome of a survey on education cuts to the prime minister. Travel Advice Attendant security measures and potentially large participation are likely to cause travel […]