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How Living Abroad Helps You Develop a Clearer Sense of Self

Publicado originalmente en:  Harvard Business Review Autores: Hajo Adam Otilia Obodaru  Jackson G. Lu William Maddux Adam GalinskyFoto: Fabien Butazzi/Unsplash May 22, 2018 In today’s increasingly globalized world, more and more people are choosing to live, work and study abroad—and this trend appears to be a good thing: social science studies have shown that international experiences […]


Reflections of a Local Traveler_by Aja

We have officially completed the first week of classes, schedules are close to being finalized, and all the new and returning students seem to be settling in wonderfully. As a full year student, it has been so exciting to meet new people and create new friendships and connections with the Spring students. It is really […]


¡Futuro estudiante! Aquí van mis consejos

Es difícil ofrecer consejos a futuros estudiantes porque la experiencia de cada persona será diferente. Tendrán diferentes clases, prácticas, extracurriculares y familias. Elegirán viajar a distintos lugares y la profundidad con que quieren practicar y usar la lengua. Sus retos personales y metas que quieren alcanzar serán únicos. Por eso, mi consejo no es algo […]