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Review of “Todo sobre mi madre”

After watching Todo sobre mi madre for my Spanish grammar class, it immediately became my new favorite Spanish film (granted, I’ve only seen a handful of them). Using one of those movie websites, I exited out of four different popups and played the film on full screen with English subtitles (I’m sorry Chavela!). I quickly […]


Making New Friends in Unexpected Places

GABRIEL CANO- Looking back at one’s life, sometimes it’s just the little things– the unexpected, unplanned moments that a person vividly remembers forever. Going to Barcelona this past weekend gave me numerous memorable experiences, such as exploring the Gothic Quarter’s narrow streets, visiting Gaudi’s Casa Milá, and going to a great temporary exhibition at the […]


Discovering My Love for Baby Jesus Paintings

GABRIEL CANO- After my fifth class field trip to the Prado Museum, I begrudgingly realized that Baby Jesus paintings were beginning to grow on me. Walking through the Prado’s vast hallways and side rooms, its walls overwhelmed with artistic masterpieces ranging through over a thousand years of history, I see Baby Jesus everywhere! From observing […]

Pintxo bar

Savoring the Spanish Culinary Experience

GABRIEL CANO- When I walk into a tapas bar and see all my options splayed out on the bar counter, an uncontrollably ravishing, euphoric arousal arises deep within me. A gastronomic animation of my soul, in other words. Meat platters consisting of jamón ibérico, chorizo, picadillo, and lomo embuchado! Tortillas españolas con carne y pimiento! […]

spanish tapas and paella on table

Food for Love’s Sake

GABRIEL CANO- “There is no sincerer love than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw. This is a quote that rings extremely true in my heart. Spaniards surely also feel the same way because these people are really into their grub. With a culture that is both vibrantly gastronomical and languidly hedonistic, the Spanish […]

Carmen and Gabe

My First Spanish Birthday

GABRIEL CANO- I’ve been living in Madrid for a little over a month now with a lovely family of 5, which includes my Mamá Carmen, Papá Jaime, brothers Pablo and Santi (20 and 26 years old), and sister Icíar (23 years old). While there was certainly a transition period during the beginning of my Spanish […]