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Ross y yo en el supermercado

El pasado sábado yo tenía que hacer la compra en el supermercado, como es mi costumbre. Necesitaba ayuda para volver con mi carrito lleno de alimentos y le pregunté a Ross si podría echarme una mano. – Por supuesto que voy contigo- me respondió. Y allí nos fuimos a comprar todo lo preciso. Recorrimos las […]


La familia más guay del mundo

This week, in the Thanksgiving spirit, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m grateful for, especially in my time in España. I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to spend a semester in this wonderful city, and even though Thanksgiving isn’t a Spanish holiday, the fact that we have less than a month less […]


Thanksgiving in March

My big host family wanted a taste of American food, so I made them a Thanksgiving dinner in the style of my family stateside. It took two days to make! -Evan Sayles Check out the whole Hamburger Helper mixtape here. Thanksgiving in March in Spain from Tufts-Skidmore Spain on Vimeo.


Ohana means family… significa familia

Quizás la estrella brillante de mi vida aquí como una aprendiz de madrileña es vivir con mi familia anfitriona. Más que tener unas corrientes enormes de información experta de la ciudad y personas forzadas a comer y hablar conmigo día a día, para mí, ha transformado la experiencia de vivir fuera de tu propio país […]

©Danielle Osborne

Ana, My Wonderful Host Mom

Following my favorite restaurants list, I present to you all one of my favorite people in the whole world, my host mother, Ana Lorente (and her cat Maga). Ana runs a cooking school/culinary book shop (A Punto, check it out!) and classes go till 10:00pm so she usually isn’t home for dinner until 11:00pm, but […]


My Wonderful Host Family

So I figured you’re probably wondering what host family situations are like: “Will they give me a curfew?”, “Will I have time for myself?”, “What if I don’t like the food they cook?”, “What if we don’t get along?” All these questions and more will be answered! So when you first get here you’ll be […]

Manuela and Alex

My host family

During our first few days in Madrid, we learned about the difference between personal space in Spain and the Unites States. We witnessed our peer mentors kiss and touch in ways that most Americans would consider intimate. To acclimate, throughout orientation we tested our boundaries by approaching each other and having what we would call […]


Farley, mi estudiante

ROBERTO MUÑOZ- Me ha costado un poco ponerme a escribir algunas palabras para el blog de Tufts-Skidmore Spain, pero era inexcusable hacerlo, después de todo lo que mi estudiante (Farley) ha dicho de mí en este foro, elogios que yo no sé si merezco. En todo caso, se lo agradezco un montón porque eso hace […]