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Living like a Local

EMILY FRITZSON- I love this study abroad program for many reasons, but hands down, without a doubt, no competition, my host family takes the top spot. I’ll be the first to admit that I was a little reluctant about the idea of living with a host family way back when I was just beginning to […]

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El recetario de Zoe: Lo que quedó de Halloween

En el capítulo anterior… A la hora de componer un menú vegetariano, más que las limitaciones, hay que tener en cuenta las necesidades. Como cualquier otro tiene que ser apetitoso, tiene que ser nutritivo, tiene que ser lo más completo posible y cubrir una razonable saciedad, es decir, cubrir el apetito y que esa sensación […]


My Host Mom

JOANNA DIMAS- For the past few weeks, I was not able to speak to my family. Unfortunately, my little brother had surgery and my parents were constantly at the hospital. On top of the nine-hour time difference between Madrid and California, this circumstance made it even more difficult for me to catch up with my […]


Mis queridos comensales. Recetas y experiencias

Llevo muchos años compartiendo casa con estudiantes del programa y a lo largo de este tiempo mis motivaciones han cambiado mucho, como también la forma de relación. Pasó de curiosidad y cierto temor al principio hasta el interés, la ilusión y la normalidad de hoy, cuando siento que mi hogar no está completo en esos […]


Midnight Crepes

ZOË SULLIVAN-BLUM- I have had a whirlwind of experiences with my host family situation. I moved into a new homestay after a week and ever since then my experience with my host family has been everything I could have hoped for and more. The members of my Spanish family are kind, sweet, intelligent, caring people […]


In Sickness & In Health – Host Moms

RACHEL ALLEN- If you’ve been keeping up with my Tufts-Skidmore Spain blog (which so far has only been one post), you’ll remember how I said I was sleep deprived. I naively thought, “Hey this is just because I got four hours of sleep, and I’m not like the youth culture nowadays that can get 45 […]

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My Host Family

JIYOUNG SIM- Being away from your family is an essential part of studying abroad and it can also be very challenging at times. But having a good relationship with your host family will make it much easier and also let you gain much more out of your experience abroad. In many cases around me, students […]

"El hormiguero" is Liza's host family dinnertime program.

Moving In

LIZA LEONARD- I live with a lovely woman named Lola in Alcala de Henares, Madrid. As lovely as she is, the move into her home was a big transition. Lola doesn’t speak any English, and my jet-lagged, textbook Spanish, was not conducive to immediate bonding. I accepted that genuine, nuanced communication about our lives would […]