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Reentry (ICD)

How can I speak to the frog of the sea if he has never left his pond? How can I speak to the bird of the summerland if he has never left the land of his birth? How can I speak to the sage if he is a prisoner of his doctrine? Chung Tsu Next […]


April ICD meet-ups and Reentry

This semester’s remaining ICD meet-ups will be held on Tuesday April 7th and Tuesday, April 14th (Thursday meet-ups are cancelled). On the 7th we will discuss Cultural Identities Revisited/Looking at the USA from the outside, and on the 14th, Me queda por hacer / How to make the most of your sojourn after it’s over. […]


This month in ICD

Last week in ICD meet-up students shared ways of preventing and dealing with language and culture fatigue (and enjoyed some tasty pastries!) This week we will be combining Making Connections with Increasing Intercultural Awareness through Your Homestay In order to accommodate the San José holiday on March 19th, Next week (March 10 and 12) we […]


This week in ICD: Re-entry

***This meeting is obligatory for all semester students*** Dec 1/2 Re-entry The end of semester is near! (As if you didn’t know it…) I keep hearing comments on the how quickly this has passed. Whatever kind of experience abroad you’ve had this semester, it’s probably been significant for you. On Monday and Tuesday we will […]


ICD meet-ups: Nov. 24/25

Me queda por hacer / How to make the most of your sojourn after it’s over. This week´s meeting will provide an opportunity for students to take stock of their semester and consider what they want to make sure of doing before leaving Spain. In addition participants will explore how they might make the most […]


ICD meet-up 27/28 Oct: Resilience and Adaptation

This week participants considered their host family experience. Several students were pleased to find that they could joke with host parents or siblings as it gave them an awareness of their increased level of communication. Some students had questions about whether a particular behavior at home was a personal habit or corresponded to a cultural […]



This week in ICD Meet-up Last week students reflected on their expectations and experiences making connections with people in Spain, whether host families, American classmates, Spanish classmates, intercambios, mentores, friends of intercambios and mentores, gym mates, internship colleagues, as well as their connections to friends and family at home or around the world. Most students […]