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My Internship: Patrivalor

FARLEY FLORES- El verano pasado estaba un poco molesto por no poder obtener la práctica competitiva que tanto quería. En lugar de ser un empleado en una firma prestigiosa, yo estaba trabajando en una compañía y ganando paga absurda. Sabía que no era la mejor forma de invertir mi tiempo, pero tenía que hacerlo porque […]


First Day at Apunto

AVIVA KARDENER- It’s 12:30am, and I just got home from my first day at my internship with Apunto, a cooking school in the barrio called Chueca, about a fifteen minute walk from the program center. My work in this internship is an opportunity to further engage and immerse myself in Spanish culture throughout my semester […]

Madrid's Gran Vía

Vivir para trabajar

MARISA CAPONI- Tonight over an incredible dinner, which consisted of a pasta dish my host sister made with bacon and melted cheese, we were helping my other host sister figure out what to major in (she’s 16 and undecided). Luckily, she still has 2 full years to make the decision, so we discussed almost every […]


Prácticas en t-oigo

t-oigo, como dice su página web, es una asociación independiente y sin ánimo de lucro que hace la vida más fácil a las familias con pérdida auditiva. Este semestre, nuestras estudiantes Leah y Rita han hecho sus prácticas allí y desde t-oigo nos han contado que su experiencia con ellas ha sido fantástica. En palabras […]

UAM students

English Classes

JOANNA DIMAS- By far one of the best decisions of studying abroad was signing up to teach English conversation classes at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Pretty much, you and a partner go to the university and support Spanish university students with their English skills. Since I am not taking classes at the UAM, I […]

L C PrimarySchools Rahi Rezvani AAP Agency

Welcome to My World – My Internship

RACHEL ALLEN- With my course schedule, I do not have many opportunities to leave the program center. All four of my classes are at the Tufts-Skidmore Spain program center. Knowing this, I really wanted to avoid living in a bubble. I knew I would need to find an extracurricular activity completely outside of the school […]

PATRIVALOR Jiyoung y George 3

My Internship at Patrivalor

JIYOUNG SIM- One of the aspects I think is great about the Tufts-Skidmore Spain program is its internship program. You can find an internship that fits your major and interests here to have more experience outside of school. You can visit the Tufts-Skidmore Spain website to check out what internship options you may have here. […]


My Internship with The Foundation

JOANNA DIMAS- Every Wednesday I volunteer at an After School Program through my internship with The Foundation. This organization focuses on empowering people of all ages through education; the program offers support to children, teenagers, and adults. Overall, I agree with the mission statement of The Foundation and I love the commitment this program has […]