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Thanksgiving in Madrid (by Jessica Posada)

I love Thanksgiving. I love seeing my family, the heaping plates of food and, of course dessert. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is truly national in the United States, and people from all backgrounds celebrate the tradition. Both of my parents immigrated to the United States, had no Thanksgiving customs, and yet they celebrate it […]


Tired Traveler (by Jessica Posada)

I have not had a full weekend in Madrid since September and I’m tired. By the end of October, I will have visited three countries and three different Spanish cities. I don’t mean to complain; I am incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to conocer so many places. There exists an idea of travel as […]


Madrid by Metro Stops (by Jessica Posada)

Madrid is a big city. With a population of 3.165 million, it’s the third largest city in the European Union. Upon my arrival, Boston felt small (there’s only around 650 thousand people living there) and I loved it. For me it was more bakeries to visit, more people to talk to and more places to […]