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Weekend in Granada

JOANNA DIMAS- Since the beginning of my semester abroad I had wanted to visit Granada, which is located in Andalusia (Southern region of Spain). This past weekend I was able to visit this great city and I absolutely fell in love. I stayed in a small AirBnb by myself (definitely worth it) about 15 minutes […]



JOANNA DIMAS- So what has been the best experience of my time abroad? Some may say traveling. Others may say meeting new people or living in a new city. But not me! The best thing about Madrid has been Takos (I’m lowkey joking). Every thing about being abroad has been pretty great and I am […]


One More Month Left!

JOANNA DIMAS- Wow! I literally cannot believe my semester abroad is almost over. Time has gone by very quickly and I know April will fly by as well. But as my time in Madrid is coming to an end, I cannot help but feel ready to go home and see my family. Thankfully I have […]

UAM students

English Classes

JOANNA DIMAS- By far one of the best decisions of studying abroad was signing up to teach English conversation classes at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Pretty much, you and a partner go to the university and support Spanish university students with their English skills. Since I am not taking classes at the UAM, I […]


My Semana Santa

JOANNA DIMAS- There is only one way to describe my spring break: crazy. I visited four cities (Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, and Rome) in less than eleven days. This was by far the most memorable spring break of my life. So much happened in each city with four of the greatest women who have made my […]


Staying in Touch

JOANNA DIMAS- For the past few weeks I had felt a little bit sluggish. I was constantly feeling tired and unmotivated to really do much. And like other bloggers have stated, many people who go abroad fail to mention these unglamorous feelings. But I want to add that for one, it is okay to feel […]


Being a Student in Spain

JOANNA DIMAS- To be honest, during the first weeks of my time in Madrid, I forget what school was for a moment. I felt as though I was on a vacation, simply trying to integrate myself into the Madrileño culture. However, when classes started, I struggled (a lot) getting back into the flow of my […]


My Host Mom

JOANNA DIMAS- For the past few weeks, I was not able to speak to my family. Unfortunately, my little brother had surgery and my parents were constantly at the hospital. On top of the nine-hour time difference between Madrid and California, this circumstance made it even more difficult for me to catch up with my […]


¿De dónde eres?

JOANNA DIMAS- ¿De dónde eres? This is a question I am asked fairly often while walking around Madrid. And my immediate response has been to say that I am from the United States, however that seems to not be a “satisfying” response for some people. But lately, when I am asked that question I ask, […]


My Internship with The Foundation

JOANNA DIMAS- Every Wednesday I volunteer at an After School Program through my internship with The Foundation. This organization focuses on empowering people of all ages through education; the program offers support to children, teenagers, and adults. Overall, I agree with the mission statement of The Foundation and I love the commitment this program has […]