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Weekends in Madrid

LIZA LEONARD- My time here in Madrid is, unfortunately, winding down. For the last three weekends of the semester, I committed to staying put, not traveling, and soaking up everything I can of my surroundings here. Well, unsurprisingly, I felt myself discovering magnificent little corners of Madrid over and over again. I think the sun […]



LIZA LEONARD- If you have not heard me talk about rock climbing, we haven’t been hanging out enough lately. One of the best things that is going on in Spain this semester is my incredible rock climbing class. I know, it seems strange to be excited about an extracurricular activity that I could do anywhere […]


Viaje a Galicia

LIZA LEONARD- I feel like I went to Narnia and back. I entered into a world I had never seen before, and it looked a little strange, and I came back, feeling a little disoriented. The Narnia I speak of is the five-day field trip I went on with my “Recursos Marinos” class that I […]

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How Can There Be Shitty Days Abroad?

LIZA LEONARD- Today in Madrid and in Alcala it is raining. It is raining at Atocha, at Vallecas, at Coslada, at every Renfe stop that I pass. It is raining a lot, the day is grey and cold, and everyone on the street is hiding under their umbrellas. Most tragically, it is raining enough for […]


Semana Santa in the Sun

LIZA LEONARD- As wonderful as Madrid and Alcalá are, there is no getting around the fact that they are completely land-locked. They are located in the center of Spain, with no glimpse of Ocean in any direction. I grew up in Connecticut, in a town on the Long Island Sound. Though I have not realized […]

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Living in Alcalá de Henares

LIZA LEONARD- Tonight I was running my favorite running route in Alcala de Henares, and I realized how beautiful it was in the dusk. At home, running is part of my daily routine, and it helps me stay energized and focused. I was thrilled to realize that I have recreated that ritual here, and that […]

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Crossing from Spain to Morocco

LIZA LEONARD- Tarifa at dusk was blue and chilly. The small port town in the province of Cadiz is the southern-most point in Continental Europe and looks out over the straight of Gibraltar. As we rumbled into the coastal town, there was already a feeling of otherworldliness. The painted-white houses, facing Morocco, the wind and […]

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Happy to Be Here

LIZA LEONARD- I have been in Spain for about six weeks now. At this point in my semester abroad (about one-third of the way through), I am ecstatic to be here. I feel full. I feel confident. I feel myself learning, gathering up experiences and bits and pieces of myself. Two mindsets that have helped […]