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Fresh Air in my Library

LIZA LEONARD- When I was younger I always loved looking at catalogs. There was something soothing about flipping through the pages of “junk mail” that somehow always found its way to our kitchen table. I liked the images of stuff, even if it was corporate conference favors from my mom’s persistent “Oriental Trading Company” catalogs. […]


Look Up, Look Down

LIZA LEONARD- The best way to see Barcelona (in my humble, have-only-been-there-once opinion) is by looking up, then looking down. This past weekend, I took the high speed train from Madrid to Barcelona with friends. The city was beautiful, colorful, and full of glorious sunshine. I was only there for two nights, and hardly covered […]

"El hormiguero" is Liza's host family dinnertime program.

Moving In

LIZA LEONARD- I live with a lovely woman named Lola in Alcala de Henares, Madrid. As lovely as she is, the move into her home was a big transition. Lola doesn’t speak any English, and my jet-lagged, textbook Spanish, was not conducive to immediate bonding. I accepted that genuine, nuanced communication about our lives would […]