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Stacked Antique Suitcases

Study Abroad Essentials

As our time here winds down for single semester students, I can’t help but think back and wonder what I wish I knew about before coming abroad. What did I realize would’ve made my life easier when I was packing? What did the pre-departure checklist forget to mention? And sooo in the hopes that someone’s […]


English is “the bomb”

A commute to UAM sandwiched between 2 classes makes hump day all too real for me here in Madrid. Although usually a super tiring day, 2 PM on Wednesdays marks the peak and the highlight of my weeks, when Katie Campbell and I teach our adorable little English conversation class at the Universidad Autónoma de […]



A major aspect of Spanish culture that I have yet to really see (unfortunately) in that of America is the concept of acknowledging the presence of others. This goes beyond just saying “hola” when getting on the elevator or exiting a café with a friendly “hasta luego!” but extends to long sobremesas with close family […]


Self-Care While Abroad: IT EXISTS!

MARISA CAPONI- To be honest, this week I had both nothing and everything to blog about. I began to write and decided each topic wasn’t good enough or I wasn’t passionate enough about it and so I held my middle finger on the backspace button over and over again until something (honestly could have been […]

Terraza del Mercado de San Antón, Chueca

Views from Madrid (and of Madrid)

MARISA CAPONI- No matter who you are, where you come from, or how many Instagram followers you have, it’s safe to say nearly everyone can appreciate a picturesque view. From terrazas to bars to miradores (lookouts), Madrid’s rooftops are some of its best kept secrets, which is no surprise considering the city boasts incredible architecture. […]


Worlds Collide

MARISA CAPONI- I had been counting down the days until my (real) Mom arrived yesterday to spend a long weekend here in Madrid. There was some talk over the summer about her visiting, but expensive plane tickets and her job teaching autistic children yielded some doubt as to if this would really be a possibility. […]


Skidmore Gathering

MARISA CAPONI- As I have been attempting to become a local of Madrid, a city that any Skid kid would likely say is the polar opposite of Saratoga Springs, I often enter into phases of Skidmore FOMO [fear of missing out]. I’m not just talking about missing my friends, my lacrosse team, or even chicken […]

Madrid's Gran Vía

Vivir para trabajar

MARISA CAPONI- Tonight over an incredible dinner, which consisted of a pasta dish my host sister made with bacon and melted cheese, we were helping my other host sister figure out what to major in (she’s 16 and undecided). Luckily, she still has 2 full years to make the decision, so we discussed almost every […]