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DA Event: All Power To All The People: Black Organizing From The Civil Rights Movement To #BlackLivesMatter

On Sunday, February 21st, the Madrid chapter of Democrats Abroad (DA) will be hosting the event All Power To All The People: Black Organizing From The Civil Rights Movement To #BlackLivesMatter, where with the help of their two speakers (Nicole Pearson and Stevie Evans) they will be discussing the paradox of citizenship for Black Americans. […]



NATHANIEL TRAN- My sincerest condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one in the wake of violence across the world in the past week. I don’t only speak to the tragedies that struck Paris, but also in solidarity with the Black young men and women who face violent and oppressive circumstances across the United States, […]


Perspectives on Intercultural Awareness and Human Rights: Support on the Aftermath of the Paris Attacks

Today at 3:00p.m. in Monte Esquinza, please attend a Focus meeting with psychologist Claire Jasinski, who will facilitate a support session on the aftermath of the Paris attacks. Even if you yourself do not feel affected, many of your peers are feeling distraught so please come in support of them. Many thanks!


Buena noticia: Red de Casas

La unidad es la variedad, y la variedad en la unidad es la ley suprema del universo (Isaac Newton). Una  buena noticia para esta mañana de lunes. El viernes pasado se firmó un acuerdo por el que las seis Casas de la Diplomacia Pública (Casa América, África, Asia, Árabe, Mediterráneo y Centro Sefarad-Israel) trabajaran en red […]


Ebola Update

The number of patients being monitored for Ebola symptoms in Madrid is now 100. Fifteen are high-risk contacts and a further 83 are under active vigilance at home. None of these people are showing any symptoms of the virus. Some of the people being monitored had interacted with the infected nursing assistant Teresa Romero during […]


Ébola Information

As you all probably know by now, a nurse in Spain has tested positive for the Ebola virus after treating an infected missionary who had been repatriated to Madrid from Sierra Leone. The nurse is believed to be the first person to have contracted the virus outside of Central or West Africa. Health authorities said […]