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El taller de Práctica Teatral: El cuerpo dilatado de Tufts Skidmore Spain y el Departamento de Ciencias de la Educación de la UAH con: el Taller Musical Tuna de Alcalá, Otra forma de moverte, Alcalingua Universidad y la Tuna de la Universidad de Alcalá convocan a estudiantes y vecinos de esta ciudad a la: 3ª Marcha Zombie de Alcalá […]


French air traffic controllers threaten strike on 10 October; reconfirm flights

Personnel should reconfirm flights scheduled for 10 October due to a planned strike on the day by two French air traffic control unions, the UNSA-ICNA and SPAC-CFDT. The French civil aviation authorities have urged airlines to reduce flights on the day by 10% due to the threatened walkout, which is expected to primarily impact flights […]


Europe & CIS: European air traffic controllers call off strike planned for 10 October

The European air traffic controllers’ union coalition ATCEUC, which has around 14,000 members, has called off its one-day strike previously planned for 10 October. The threatened industrial action, which was expected to cause significant disruption to flights at airports across Europe, was cancelled on 4 October after the ATCEUC agreed to resume negotiations with the […]


Plan alternative transport for important journeys during nationwide strike by taxi drivers on 3 October

Taxi drivers affiliated to the CTE, FEDETAXI, UNIATRAMC and UNALT unions are planning to observe a nine-hour nationwide strike from 06.00 (local time) on 3 October to denounce government plans to regulate the sector. In the capital Madrid, the event will be accompanied by a march by drivers that will begin at 12.00 (local time) […]

La monarquía española

La monarquía española está en un momento muy polémico, como seguro que habéis estado leyendo en las noticias. Nuestro estudiante Jonathan Steinberg, de Tufts in Alcalá en la primavera de 2013, ha recogido las opiniones de algunas personas en este interesante vídeo. ¿Qué pensáis vosotros? La monarquía española from Tufts-Skidmore in Spain on Vimeo.

Voting from Abroad

Are you interested in voting from abroad? Follow these simple instructions. These instructions will allow you to simultaneously register to vote AND/OR to request an absentee ballot in one sitting! 1) Be near a printer or fax machine. 2) Go to the Federal Voting Assistance Program website and do this as soon as possible to […]